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3 answers

How to replace Avid BB7 brake pads in "new" calipers?

How do you get new BB7 pads to install in the new caliper bodies? By "new" I mean the ones with the spring steel "cap" on the opening at the "top" of the caliper unit (the side opposite the axle). ...
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Cannot remount wheel after installing new brake pads

Bike: electric bike company model s Age of bike: approximately 5 years or 4 Brakes: Tektro Auriga Brake pads: p20.11 Issue: replaced old pads with new pads but new pads won't fit over rotor disc as ...
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3 answers

changing disc brake pad material while keeping same rotors

I would like to know what effect changing the material of a set of disc brake pads would have on the rotors if you kept them the same. for example, If I have resin pads and have been using them for ...
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2 answers

How should I wash my MTB knee pads?

I have a pair of 7iDP Transition knee pads that are starting to smell and are in need of a wash. However, I am not totally sure the best course of action for cleaning the pads. Please let me know your ...
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Best XT pads for weak hand strength

After a serious crash that left my right hand with plates and pins installed, can anyone suggest a grippy pad for my rear XT disk brake? My hand strength is about 30% of normal. Thank you. David
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When replacing brake pads, brake loses its grip

I wanted to replace my front wheel disc brake pads (Shimano BR-M785). For the purpose, I removed the front wheel and removed the existing pads. Then I tried to place the new pads and found out the ...
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My hydraulic disk brake pads are rubbing too hard on the rotor after taking the wheel off

so these are Shimano saint hydraulic disk brakes and i took the wheel off the other day to clean it, put it back on, and for some reason the pads are rubbing overly hard (without actually pulling the ...
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BB7 disc brake pads

I have an Avid BB7 front disc brake on a cycle that appears to have a missing inner brake pad. The outer one and the butterfly clip are in place. What might account for this? The cycle is new to me....
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4 answers

Will a threaded post rim brake pad fit my brakes which take a thread-less post pad?

I found these pads on Amazon and I really like them, but they are a bit different than my current pads. They are threaded and the ones I have now are threadless. If I tighten them would it fit on my ...
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Replacing an ebike's cable disc brakes with hydraulic disc

I have a Viking Gravity 250w 24v ebike. I'm just wondering if I can replace the braking system with a hydraulic type and what would happen to the wired braking safety feature? Would I have to retrace ...
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1 answer

Rear brake pad clearance problem on '06 Specialized Langster

I have a 2006 Specialized Langster, size 50cm. I replaced the brake calipers years ago with older-style Shimano 105 single-pivot sidepull brakes. The brakes have never been very powerful. Worse yet, ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Do these pads look contaminated?

These are the front brake pads of my bike. Lately I've seen a decrease in stopping force and some shudder when braking at low and very low speeds. I took them apart and they look like this: Do the ...
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Schwinn meridian three-wheel bicycle [closed]

Should I rotate the back left or right tire to the front tire. The front brakes are locking up on the front tire. I have also loosened the brakes on both sides as much as possible too. Could ...
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Did I purchase the correct brakes for my Huffy bike?

Did I purchase the correct bike brakes for my Huffy bicycle. I just put the back set on the back and no matter how hard I squeeze the brake it is not tight enough to stop bike. If anyone know please ...
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