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Which Shimano pedals have reverse threaded bearing adjustments?

I was attempting to tighten the bearings in my Shimano PD-M530 pedals. I've done this procedure several times before on my other pedals, and I've never had issues before (M737 and M980). For some ...
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Are there big differences in maintenance/care between different types of clipless pedals?

I was reading this article and it talks about maintenance/care with a couple of the pedal options, even mentioning that "...
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Peer pressure in road cycling [closed]

Or how does one fall into the road cyclist prototype. I'm talking mainly technology obssesion, spandex wearing and clipless shoes. I start this thread because since riding in a group, I'm questioning ...
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Do one-sided clip-in pedals have a bit more friction and inefficiency than alternatives?

Moving from old style pedals years ago, to when I took up cycling again more recently, I noticed a difference when oiling the bike, while doing maintenance. After oiling an old style pedal, I would ...
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