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The things you push your feet against to make the bike go. Pedaling technique, and other stuff related to pedals. Clips and clipless pedals.

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Son has trouble pedalling fast

So my son is 8 and I’ve been working on teaching him to ride. After a lot of work and practice, he is able to balance and pedal without falling down pretty well. He seems to just be having a hard time ...
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Service DMR V8 pedals - V2 and V2.1

I have been using DMR V8 pedals on my bikes for just a couple of months. They started to spin slowly and make noise really quick so I'm trying to service them. I'm not sure that I got it right with ...
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Which ball bearings to put in Union K10491 pedals?

I am trying to put a neglected bicycle back on the road. It has a pedals marked with W. GermanyK10491. Google search revealed that they are Union K10491 pedals. I have found good pictures on ebay. My ...
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Asymmetrical flat pedals: why and how to use?

My bike has trapezoidal flat pedals, similar to the ones pictured below. One edge is smaller than the other. Since they're just flat pedals, there is no reliable way to favour one position over ...
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Pedal Stroke Analysis on a BikeErg

Hello I'm in the market for an indoor bike and am considering the BikeErg. I'd like to know if there is a way I can do pedal stroke analysis like that offered by the Wattbike (https://support.wattbike....
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Fixie bike crank/pedals give in when back pedalling

Recently was given a fixie, but with braking issues. Whenever I back pedal (as in lock up and stop pedalling completely), the crank/pedal seems to give in and not stop the rear wheel from moving ...
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Campy cranks and pedals compatibility

I have a campy Super Record crank set from around the 1970’s stamped with 9/16x20F and campy pedals stamped with 9/16x20, but am met with lots of resistance when I try to install them. The cranks came ...
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Tricycle wheels won't turn when pedaling

I have a tricycle that I just changed the tubes on all wheels. Went to ride it and the pedals will just turn but not engage the chain or wheels. Chain is on correctly, wheels are on the same side as ...
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Re-greasing Raleigh rea268

I have some pedals very similar to the one in the image. It appears both sides have these seemingly non removable pins. The round bit with the logo doesn't appear to be a dust cap. I already tried ...
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Why are my quill pedal cages "wobbling"?

The plates and connectors on my old quill pedals "move around" in relation to the pedal axle itself: In the photo below, I'm pushing the pedals to opposite sides to show how the pedal cage "distorts". ...
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Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Pedal Exchange

I want to switch out the pedals on my Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue for the Venzo 3-in-1 pedals (I only use SPDs & don’t like the sneaker cages). On the Venzos, the part that ...
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can't stop pedaling or chain drops down

Managed to unstick derailer. But can't stop pedaling or chain drops down.So when trying to stop bike. have to take feet off pedal to not catch chain
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Shimano SPD pedal - visible seal ring

I recently got a pair of XTR M9120 pedals. Today I noticed an elastic ring visible on the axel, and bits of grease on it too. The ring can be seen on the service manual This has happened on both ...
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How do you optimize the recruitment of our glutes when using a more upright bike?

How do you optimize the recruitment of our glutes when using a more upright bike? According to an answer for a previous question, rolling the hips forward slightly makes the glutes easier to recruit ...
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What sort of SPD pedals should I use for cyclocross?

So I do cyclocross and have recently got some SPD cleats, the problem is my pedals are eggbeaters which isn't great. I was thinking in investing in some half and half pedals (like enter these) or ...
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Have Ritchey Logic cleats changed in 15 years?

I ride very old Ritchey Logic pedals (model year ~1998), with original cleats (look like the red ones below): Since those have long been out of stock, I'd like to buy newer ones, the Logic V4 Comp, ...
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