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How to safely pause Garmin navigations?

I need an advise how to safely pause a Garmin (I have Edge Explorer 2 but the problem is more general) during a longer coffee or pub (alcohol free) stop. Safely means that the screen should be locked ...
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Android tracking app that only periodically uses GPS [closed]

I'm of course fully aware that there are tons of tracking apps for Android. But I want to track where I rode without draining my phone's battery. I want to know roughly how far I want, roughly where I ...
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Getting ride data from Bosch CX System

Recently got a Cube eMTB with Bosch CX system installed. Love the bike, does well for commutes and some bush bashing over the weekend. Being a nerd, I like my data. Considering the system already ...
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How can I combine Garmin recorded track data with FitBit heart rate data?

I have a Garmin Oregon 600 and FitBit Charge HR. Is there a way I can combine the GPS track from the Garmin with the heart rate data from the FitBit so that I can use it in a visualization tool like ...
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Estimating trainer 'effort above the flat' by heart rate + cadence

A question popped into my head after yesterday's trainer ride. First, a long-winded preamble. As I pointed out in this question, I usually set the trainer up so that a 5l cask of wine just moves ...
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Cycling app that uploads to Nike Plus?

I am currently using Wahoo to track my cycling (daily commute) mainly because it can upload automatically to Nike+/Fuel so it keeps all my running etc. in the same place. I've tried googling, but can'...
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Recommendation for tracking device [closed]

I plan to buy a tracking watch/device and I'm looking for recommendations. Two key features that I can think of are heart rate monitor gps tracking I think that Polar M400 provides these features, ...
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Is there any good software to track and compare rides using my own computer

I like being able to see a record of my cycling in Strava, and compare rides with previous ones, see if I'm speed up or slowing down etc. But I don't like the idea of a company creating a database of ...
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What is the best way to track your mileage, routes and calories burned?

Recently I got a new cyclocross bike and now I am daily commuting around 25km (not much, but daily) and I am trying to calculate my diet, calories etc. Now I am wondering if there is a good device ...
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Is there a way to make activity wristbands read bike rides more accurately?

Is there a way to make simple activity tracking wristbands like the fitbit work more accurately during a bike ride. Currently I wear the wristband on my wrist, but the rides tend to read like barely ...
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Rides tracking app for windows phone

What are some tracking apps for Windows phone which use OpenStreet Maps or Google Maps? My location (Minsk, Belarus) is a white spot on HERE Nokia maps.
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4 answers

Is there a simple way to measure, record, and use wind resistance or tail winds?

Since moving to a new office where my commute is a bit longer I have been obsessively recording my cycle to work hoping to see a gradual improvement. (N.B. I've stored them on Strava but you need to ...
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Is there an easy to use app for tracking my cycling performance? (iOS or Android) [closed]

I'm looking for an app similar to the Nike+ app but for cycling. I'm mostly concerned with distance, calories and average speed. Elevation tracking would be awesome. Does your recommendation pair with ...
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Puncture resistant tires

The the default tires from my scott aspect 30 (Schwalbe Black Jack, 26 x 2.1, 50TPI) are peaty worn by know and i need to buy new ones. My main complain is the punctures made by vegetation every day ...
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When is Cyclometer useful?

Some call it speedometer or odometer but I mean the thing to measure velocity, trip distance and such things. When you come up with a usage-case, please, point out the function which you use. The only ...
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12 votes
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What's the best way to track your performance?

I was checking some options to track my performance (kms/hr, distance, altitude, etc...), I do MTB and city biking. The first choice is a nokia based tracker (, I love ...
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Are there any bicycle computers that will log ride data?

I'm looking to get a computer for my bicycle to give me some more information when I go on rides. I have seen and used several that belong to friends, and while they seem invaluable, the one feature ...
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