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A style of valve for tire inflation

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Can I use a Presta tube in a Schrader rim?

I keep losing pressure in my tires, and among other things, I'm looking at the valves in the tubes. It's an old mountain bike with 26 inch tires. Can I use Presta tubes on rims drilled for Schrader ...
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Does the plastic cap on a Presta valve serve any purpose once fitted to a rim?

I can see the use of the valve cap on a Presta valve when the tube is still packaged (it obviously stops the valve puncturing the tube), but does it do anything except look pretty (or not) once you've ...
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Which kind of tube valve is the best?

What kind of valve is the best one, a Presta valve (6mm) or a Schrader valve (8mm). Which has the best reliability, which one is easiest to fix a flat on?
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Should inner tube have excess length?

I've recently changed the default 700x35 tires and 35mm Schrader inner tube to 700x25 slicks with 25mm Presta inner tubes. However whilst fitting the new tire and inner tube, I noticed that the inner ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Considering modern bicycle trends (2021), why are presta valves still the dominant design?

The usual trope justifying the use of Presta valves over Schrader valves is no longer logical (in my opinion at least) because of changes in wheel, rim, and tire systems. Let me exemplify by refuting ...
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How to keep Presta valve core from detaching after inflation?

I have Presta valves on my bike tires and for the rear tire, each time I inflate the valve, upon detachment, the core screws off with the pump attachment and the tire deflates. I tried about 6 times, ...
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Schrader tubes in Presta configured Rims?

My 26" mtb rims support presta sized tube stems, however can I drill the diameter of the holes in the rims bigger in order to support Schrader stemmed tubes? what is the proper way to do this, is ...
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9 answers

How to inflate a tire with a Presta valve?

My new bike has these thin tires with a type of valve I haven't usedbefore. I searched online and found out it's called a Presta valve, and it's pretty common and popular. I'm finding it annoying and ...
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3 answers

Locking pump dual nozzle on presta valve doesn't work

I have just replaced an inner tube on the front tire, and discovered it had a presta valve. My old floor pump is fitted for a Schrader valve. I learned I could buy an adapter, however, I decided to ...
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What are the benefits of removable presta valve cores?

Once again, I spent some quality time debugging a slow leak and found out it was a loose valve core. I tightened it with pliers, but it raises the question, is there a situation where it is useful to ...
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3 answers

what is the ideal presta tube valve stem length

I have noticed that presta tube valve stems come in various lengths. I always assumed the longer valve stems were to allow the use of deeper aero wheels. Why is it that many wheels in print ads seem ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Presta valve top screw missing

I am new to bikes and I realized the back tire valve is missing the top part of the valve , I inflated it but when I unscrew the pump it completely deflates. Can I buy that "screw" or I have to ...
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Presta valve on new tube won't inflate

Just replaced a bad inner tube with a new, Presta valve tube. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to get any air in the tube; I hear air leaving the pump and not going anywhere. I tried investigating ...
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Presta to Schrader Conversion

I've been procrastinating for several years about converting from Presta to Schrader on my Trek 4200 with Bontrager AT650 (erto 559x19) wheels. What finally convinced me was getting three flats on a ...
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2 answers

Bicycle with 1 tire with Presta valve and 1 with Schrader valve

One simple question: I have a mountain bike that has 2 tires with schrader valves. I bought a new tube with a presta valve by mistake. Do you see any issues with replacing one of the tubes that had a ...
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phantom leak that fixed itself?

I recently replaced my front tire. About 3 days post replacement I noticed that the pressure in that tire was at about 50psi (Its a road bike - I keep it around 120). I pumped it up and hoped for the ...
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How to repair a twisted Presta valve?

On one of my old bike, I have a twisted Presta valve: Unlike this user, I can't put glue on my valve because the air is leaking at the tip of the valve (where it is twisted). So, I want to know if I ...
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