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A style of valve for tire inflation

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Tube with crooked presta valve won't inflate

I tried to inflate my tire with the presta valve and it won't inflate. As you see in the image, the valve is a bit crooked. After couple of times pumping, it becomes more difficult to continue but ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to gauge pressure w/ Presta valve and Schrader adapter?

I've bought a floor pump which doesn't have a Presta nozzle, only a Schrader one, and it comes with an Presta to Schrader adapter included. The pump has an integrated gauge, up to 160 psi. My bike, ...
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New presta valve core leaks

I have tubeless tires with sealant and there was sealant leaking from both presta valves after using a broken bike pump on them. After it it seems like the sealant clogged the valve a little bit and ...
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