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How to transport an unusable bike AND a set of wheels without a car?

So as you may know, I have recently assembled a bike, with great help from my friend. Problem is, wheels didn't arrive on time, rear rack wasn't available to buy until recently, and saddle post clamp ...
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Do I need to protect my bike from jostling around if I put it under the bus?

I'm rather new to the world of road biking, having only gotten my first road bike a few weeks ago. It's a (secondhand) carbon Fuji SST 3.0, I think from 2012 (not entirely sure). As part of my ...
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Bicycle box on train Gatwick to Reading

Has anyone arrived on a flight into Gatwick Airport with a bike box and then got onto the train ? I arrive late at night from Australia and have booked a train ticket to Reading but booking space for ...
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Are there any bus companies that take bikes and go between Washington DC and Philadelphia?

Some googling turns up a chinatown bus company ("focus transit"), but I called and they no longer go to Philly. Anyone else taking bikes in the luggage bay as of summer 2015?
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Cycling on Manchester Metrolink tram routes

I have been looking around for information on this topic but can't find anything definitive. The tram routes through Manchester city centre are for trams (obviously), but it seems public transport ...
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Catching train on return trip in Sydney Australia

I'm building up to do Eastwood to Kariong and within the next two weekends I am going to ride Eastwood to Berowra. Because there isn't much for me to do when I get there and I don't want to ride the ...
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Do I need a bike bag / box to put my bike on the Eurostar?

The Eurostar website has a page that really should say but doesn't: I'm guessing I don't? Would also be ...
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Recommended Folding Bike for Hybrid Commuting? (Bus/Car + Bike) [closed]

I bike commute to work, but for other trips where I don't want to arrive covered in sweat and/or would take longer than 30 minutes each way, I generally have to drive. I'd like to be able to get ...
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Will my road bike fit in the racks on a public transit bus now that I have put fenders on it?

I ride to work most days. If I'm getting a cold or something, I sometimes hop on the bus. I save no time by riding the bus, so I rarely do it. About a month ago, I installed Planet Bike full-...
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Is taking a bike TRAILER on SF Bay Area Rapid Transit permitted?

My partner and I were considering purchasing a Burley Travoy ( We thought we might do this because we like to get groceries at Rainbow in ...
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Community Wiki: Which public transport networks allow you to transport a bike?

In the UK I have never seen a public bus system that allows you to take a (non-folding) bike on the bus. (There are long distance coaches that do allow bikes, however I am asking about local busses.) ...
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What are the rules about take a bike on London Dockland Light Railway (DLR)?

I know that the rules for the DLR are not the same as the Tube, but what are the rules?
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Can I take my bike on the New York City subway or buses?

Do I need a folding bike to do this? What are the rules? Also, even if it's allowed, is it practical to do so? Subways get pretty crowded during rush-hour, and it's hard to imagine taking a bike there ...
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What are the rules about take a bike on the London Tube?

Can I take a bike on the Tube (underground) in London, if so how much does it cost?
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