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Bicycle pumps pump air into tires and suspension forks.

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What bike Pump can I use for the Peugeot Savoie?

I'm trying to find a hand pump that will fit the top tube of the frame, In the model manual attached is the Bike pump that says 'Zefal Competition HP pump' however could i use a standard 'Frame Pump' ...
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Can't push down bike pump

I have Bell air glide 950 pump. I can't push down as the air is being blocked somewhere. I removed the tube/pipe that connects to the Schrader/Pestra valves. If I open the screw behind the pump, air ...
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Replacement part for old Schwinn pump

Where can i find a replacement for the metal part (at the end of the 24 inch hose) that clamps around the valve stem, for an old Schwinn floor pump (30 years?)?
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How to gauge pressure w/ Presta valve and Schrader adapter?

I've bought a floor pump which doesn't have a Presta nozzle, only a Schrader one, and it comes with an Presta to Schrader adapter included. The pump has an integrated gauge, up to 160 psi. My bike, ...
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Joe Blow bike pump failures in one way valve

I used a bunch of Joe Blow bike pumps to pressurize water bottle rockets. Occasionally water squirted back into pump. After a few weeks of use, the one way valve failed. How can I fix this or prevent ...
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Help identify mystery part?

This piece came with a CCM tire pump and I have no idea what it is or what it’s for. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.
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Spin doctor Essentials II pump not working properly

I attach the pump head to the presta valve. It attaches properly and even a few PSI, like about 10 psi, go in and then the pump handle just wants to spring up and is very difficult to push down. I can ...
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