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Questions tagged [puncture]

Also called "flat". Ways to avoid punctures, deal with punctures, etc.

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Shimano Roller Brake Model BR-IM31 (specifically!!)

New to the world of roller brakes (new cargo bike) and need to change back inner tube due to flat. I'm trying to work out how to remove the back wheel and have unclipped the gear cable (nexus hub) but ...
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Giant SLR1 Hookless Rims Issues

I recently purchased a Giant Propel Advanced Pro and the bike comes with Giant's new tubeless-ready SLR1 hookless rims with Cadex tyres. Since purchasing, I have had a few punctures and have decided ...
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Back wheel tube consistently popping when putting wheel back on bike

I ride a Specialized Allez that's probably 15 years old, and recently had to purchase new wheels and tires because mine were stolen. I put a new tube on my new back wheel, and it popped as soon as I ...
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Can I use a vulcanized patch on the inside of a tire?

I recently pinched a new tire (second ride) including the casing on one side - it's maybe 3mm long a few mm above the bead. This is a set of MTB tires I intend to run at 30psi max with a tubeless ...
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Tube punctured by broken tire carcass fibre?

My wife's new bike had a puncture in the 650Bx2.4 "gravel" tire shortly after riding on a section of trail where fresh gravel had been spread. The gravel is crushed granite and quite coarse ...
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