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Questions regarding tactics and strategy used in bike racing.

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Why did Pogačar respond to Roglič's and van Aert's attacks in Stage 11 of TdF 2022?

At the conclusions of Stage 8, Stage 9, and Stage 10 of TdF 2022, Pogačar held the lead in the general classification. Of the three potential GC contenders in Jumbo-Visma—Primož Roglič, Wout van Aert, ...
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TdF: How does putting one team member in a break away help the rest of the team?

In a race such as Le Tour De France, what advantage does a team gain from sending one team member into a break away? What does the rest of the team, including their favoured rider, gain?
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Attacking during a race when your competitor has a mechanical failure?

This question was spurred by the incident that happened during the 9th stage of the 2017 TdF when Fabio Aru attacked Chris Froome right as he experienced a mechanical problem with his bike. The ...
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How to prevent drafting?

I am engaging in a friendly race with a co-worker. He has told me he plans on drafting behind me most of the race to save energy. I want to make it hard for him(without doing anything mean ...
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First stage post-rest day in the Tour

One of the things that has come up in reports during the first rest day in the Tour de France this year is that the first mountain stage, especially following the rest day, is a shock to the legs. ...
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Is it preferable to pedal downhill?

How do I use up less when I go down the hill? What is better? If I really drive down (I start down the hill fast and when I will at the foot of the hill I will have a rest since I slow down to my ...
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What will be the time to close a gap to catch a breakaway? [closed]

how much time is required to close a gap of 100 metres, in a cycling race, for different differences in speed of leading and chasing group. i need a tool to do the math on the fly. so that if one ...
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Time Gaps and Race Strategy

In a race this weekend I found myself in a breakaway with another rider. We were getting updates on the size of the gap we had opened from the race official who was on a motorcycle. This was ...
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Elimination race tactics

I saw a bit of the Omnium racing televised this week, and while most of the events are straightforward, the Elimination race seems to require far deeper tactics than the others. This may be just ...
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Why do track cyclers start slow?

I was watching the Olympics today and happened to catch track cycling (sprint). I understand that they have fixed gear bikes which is a reason they start slow, however, I did not understand why they ...
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