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Raleigh men's venture 7speed comfort bike xl steel frame bottom bracket bracket removel tool's needed

I have a Raleigh venture 7speed XL 22 inches steel frame men's comfort bike. In doing an internet search it comes up with venture 2,3,4 with aluminum frame mine has a steel frame. I can't find what ...
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Old Raleigh Marathon road bike with new Shimano 105 crankset – What bottom bracket is needed?

Hey guys first time poster. I have a Raleigh Marathon road bike and I am pretty sure it’s an ‘85. The crank arm has been falling off so I have decided to just replace the whole crankset. I have been ...
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Identify 2 Raleigh kids bikes - Boxer & Bullet

Hi, I’d like some help identifying the year of 2 Raleigh bikes I own. If I can’t identify the exact year I’d still like to know what year they started making and finished making these types? Just so I ...
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Bottom bracket for 1991 raleigh classic man

Got a Raleigh classic man from a scrap shop. Decided to give it a life. The frame is in good condition and managed to get bearing hubs for front and rear wheels. I was wondering what would size and ...
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Chain keeps falling off chainring

I picked up an old Raleigh Sirocco from the 1980s ish and am attempting to convert it to single speed. I thought it was finished, but when taking it out for its first ride, the chain kept falling off ...
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What to substitute a lost pedal dust cap with?

I am working on my 90s Raleigh mtb (it's awesome), where one of the pedal dust caps was lost. Subsequently, the pedal without one had much more sand inside, and is in worse shape overall. As I'm ...
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Where can I find vintage hardware to mount a Raleigh 3 bolt chainring?

I need hardware (3 short bolts) for my Raleigh Super Course 10 speed made in Nottingham England in 1973. The bolts hold the front large chainring to the smaller chainring that the pedals are mounted ...
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Solid tyres for child's tricycle

Is it still possible to purchase solid white rubber tyres? I need some for a Raleigh Tiger child's tricycle I am renovating the size in the side wall states 12 x 7/8 there is 300mm also on the side ...
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