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What derailleur hanger is this and what is actually compatible and what needs changing?

Bought this bike second hand. Obviously these are not stock components here, the rear derailleur should not be direct mount. I can not seem to find the specifications for the hangar anywhere. Also I ...
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I can’t unscrew the rear tire dust cap and when I pump it not all the air from the pump goes in

It is a Kent Ambush FS20 bike. Blue. Pretty Old around 5-7 years old. From
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2 answers

Grinding from rear of bike while pedalling

The rear of my bike is making a grinding noise while pedalling. There's no noise without the downward pressure of being on it and it's only grinding while I pedal. Any suggestions please ?
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I have a still boxed Viribus 26" rear-wheel ebike kit - I'd like to remove its pre-fitted gear cogs and fit wheel with motor to front forks instead

...the Viribus kit's motor(kit bought via Amazon) is of the slim but wide-diameter kind. My eyes and calipers suggest to me that if the gear cogs are removed the motorised rear wheel axle should quite ...
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Used mongoose BMX started having issues with rear sprocket not engaging when pedaling causing safety issue

I got a used Mongoose BMX for my son. I know when I was younger Mongoose was halfway decent. But now they kinda stink. Putting that lightly! Anyway the bike rode well at first, then after a flat tire ...
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Rear hub boot/seal rotates?

I've had my bike since new in 1993. I rebuild the hub bearings every so many years. I recently rebuilt the rear after letting it go for too many years and had a nagging question: (Reference the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I use a thru axle with a longer thread length?

first of all I would like to point out I have looked in previous threads here but could not find the answer. My frame specifications have the following measurements in regards to the rear thru axle: ...
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2 answers

Can I swap an SGS cage on a Shimano RD-M8100 having a GS cage?¹

It's been difficult to locate a new XTR M9100 or XT M8100 with the SGS (long) cage from the few reputable U.S. dealers I buy from where Shimano will honor their warranty. The GS cage versions are ...
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