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Questions tagged [recumbent]

A recumbent is a bicycle (or tricycle) that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position.

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33 votes
18 answers

Why do we rarely see recumbents and almost never see velomobiles?

Recumbent bicycles are more efficient than ordinary upright bicycles, and velomobiles are even more efficient. Then why do we see them so rarely on the road? Is it because they are expensive, or are ...
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5 answers

Are there any recumbent tricycles that can be transported with a normal car?

My wife would like a 3 wheeled recumbent, but I can’t see how we can transport one with a normal car. I can put my bike on a rack or the roof, but all the recumbent I have seen are too large to ...
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3 answers

Where (UK) can we rent an adult tricycle or recumbent tricycle

There are a lot of cycle tracks (mostly old railway lines) in the UK that have bike rental, however very few of them have adult tricycle or recumbent tricycle. Does anyone have the list of where you ...
7 votes
3 answers

Will hydraulic brakes work with vertical underseat recumbent handlebars?

I have this type of recumbent. I want to upgrade to hydraulic brakes, but every bike shop warns me about the issues that will come from attaching the brake levers in a vertical position. They say that ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What bags will fit a Challenge Seiran SL?

I own a Challenge Seiran SL (the 26" lightweight version of this). For some short multidays trips I need to attach some form of bags. What are the available bags that will fit? Full size picture For ...
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23 answers

Is a recumbent trike faster than a non-recumbent bicycle?

I am seriously considering getting a recumbent trike, probably one in a tadpole configuration, and was weighting up how much time I would save during my commute when compared to my normal bike. ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How to start riding a recumbent bike?

I want to try riding a recumbent two-wheel bike to see if its easier. So I borrowed one and I just cannot get it to work right. When the owner demonstrates it looks so easy and really fast. We are ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Things to consider when choosing a recumbent

Google's Sergey Brin asked for recommendations on buying a recumbent. What factors should he consider when evaluating alternatives? I'm thinking of getting a recumbent road bike even though +Dylan ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Do your legs get tired faster when riding a recumbent trike compared to a upright bike?

In my quest for getting as much information as I can before configuring my recumbent trike, I was thinking if my legs would be get more tired as they are in a horizontal position? In an upright bike,...
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9 votes
8 answers

Fairings for an Upright Hybrid Bicycle?

Do front fairings have an advantage for upright bicycles? There are fairings for recumbent bicycles such as this Zipper one: I wanted to know if anybody has experienced increase in speed/reduction ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What is the drag / power lost to a safety flag?

I have a recumbent bike that has a safety flag on the top of a thin pole, so it flutters around higher than and after my head. How much power am I losing to this flag that could be used to power my ...
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1 answer

Recumbent with a shaft or other non-chain drive?

One of the problems of a recumbent is the super-super long chain, often twice or three times as long as a standard chain. It's heavy, it's hard to adjust, it's dirty. Are there any commercial ...
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1 answer

How to haul 3 recumbent trikes by car

There are 3 of us with recumbent Terra trikes and need to purchase a trailer or rack to hold them. There are a lot of different trails in Florida and we want to ride them. The trikes don't fold. So ...
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Cybex Recumbent exercise bike clicks on left side of wheel/pedal

I just got a used Cybex recumbent bike. For the first 3 weeks it worked perfect. Then out of the blue the left pedal started clicking as I bring my foot around and up. It starts after using it for a ...
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