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Replacing parts, compatibility with existing or new equipment, finding suitable substitutes for old OEM parts, and so forth.

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Shifting Lever Unit replacement/interchangeability on Shimano 8 speed XT/XTR shifters

Are the levers/internals interchangeable? Meaning will they all fit the same housing or can I swap one for the other if needed? Will any 8s XT/XTR shimano 8 speed shifter lever fit any other 8s XT/...
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Campagnolo rear mech screw type

My limit screws' heads have gone rusty, I want to replace them for looks and to make sure they are easy to adjust on a ride. I would love hex rather than Philips heads! Does anyone know the type of ...
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RD-TZ40 ME Replacement

I've damaged the rear derailleur on my bike, and it needs to be replaced. I don't really have an LBS. I've looked around online, but I can't seem to find a correct replacement. I should clarify that ...
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Replacement part for old Schwinn pump

Where can i find a replacement for the metal part (at the end of the 24 inch hose) that clamps around the valve stem, for an old Schwinn floor pump (30 years?)?
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Replacement crankset for Shimano SG B 52/39?

I have a very basic Specialized Allez (XL frame) street bike (pictured in my avatar) with a cheap SG B52/39 chainring needing replacement (warped and wearing out after two years of daily use). But ...
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