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Questions tagged [reuse]

Questions about reusing and re-use of bicycle parts.

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Reusing headset cups on semi-integrated headset

I purchased a used frame that didn't come with the full headset but did come with the alloy cups still installed. They are ZS44/ZS56 tapered setup. Likely Cane Creek 40-series. The cups appear to be ...
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Uses for leftover or used handlebar tape?

Every time I wrap road bike bars, I generally have about a foot of brand new bar tape leftover from each side if I trim the end square (i.e. cut off the part that was tapered to end the wrap). Two ...
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4 answers

What's special about spoke nipple washers?

The last couple of wheels I've built have been all from reused parts. One was to convert my unicycle from 24" to 20" largely as an experiment, and the one that I'm currently working on is ...
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How to tell when it's time to give up on tires?

I work at a community organization that receives a lot of donations, including tires, in various condition. We inspect tires for obvious damage and wear, and signs of aging like hardening or cracking. ...
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What is the correct combination of number and length of the spokes to go bowfishing? [closed]

I have seen that it is possible to build a bow starting from two 26" wheels. See the video here I am wondering what is the correct length of the spokes and what is the best number of spokes to ...
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