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2 answers

BB creaking - gathering info needed for fixing

I've been doing some googling on fixing the annoying creaking in my bottom bracket. It's all good if it's in easy gears. The moment it's in the big front chain ring and small rear gear (ie. I'm ...
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4 answers

Need opinion on upgrading groupset for my road bike [closed]

I just moved to UK for my masters and was looking for a road bike. I found a pretty old ribble 631 road bike taht was barely used. Its supposed to be around 20 years old but still has decals intact. ...
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1 answer

What bottom bracket will fit the Ribble Endurance SLR?

Will a Shimano Ultegra BBR60 bottom bracket fit the Ribble Endurance SLR frame? I cant seem to find any technical information on the frame anywhere?
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