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The outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire.

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Mavic Cosmic SLS - carbon separation

Some aero’ wheels are an aluminium rim with a carbon fibre shroud. On a Mavic Cosmic SLS rear wheel, I’ve found that the carbon fibre shroud is separating from the aluminium rim. Just visible in the ...
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Uneven wear on tire rim (V-brake set up)

I've noticed that the wear on my tire rim is uneven. The black indicator groove is still visible in some places, but worn down in other places. Both the left and right side braking surfaces have this ...
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Is compatible classic tube and classic tire (27.5x2.1) with tubeless ready rim(27.5x2.1)?

Is compatible classic tube and classic tire (27.5x2.1) with tubeless ready rim(27.5x2.1)? Thank you very much!
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Can I fit a bigger tire on my bike

This is an old 70’s huffy.. with 20" wheel rims and 1.75 tires. I have some 24 inch rims to install, but the pegs are bigger in diameter, so they don’t fit in the fork's dropouts. Are the old type ...
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Fitting tires on Reynolds Strike SLG

I've been trying to fit Michelin Power Competition (AirComp inners) onto a set of Strike's. (I'm certain these are true, they were default fitted with other tires, and these had 0% wobble.) Let's just ...
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Rim tension for MADDUX R3.0

Anyone know what the rim tension for MADDUX R3.0, 6061H-T6 alloy, 700c wheelset, clincher, ETRTO 622 x 14c rims? Or where I can find it. It's not listed on the Maddux web site.
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Tire and tube keep popping off of the rim

It's the third time now that the tire just pops off my rim, and then the tube blows up as a result. This is all within the span of six months on a brand new bike assembled by a supposedly high-end ...
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Buying new wheels for Evo Sport E5 cyclocross to fit slimmer tires

I've read some similar posts on this topic but would like to check that I understood correctly. A replacement of my stock Tracer 700x33c tires on my Specialized Evo E5 Sport cyclocross is overdue and ...
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Older rims, newer tires

Can I put "new" 27 and half inch tires on "old" 27 inch rims? Looking to save the trouble of finding out!
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