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9 answers

What's the best way to carry spare spokes on your bike?

I have a low-spoke-count rear wheel, and it broke one earlier this week. The wheel twanged so far out of true it would not fit through the chainstays. Backing off other spokes left me with about 20% ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Roadside Repair of torn sidewall

I was riding home last night and heard a rhythmic noise from the rear wheel. On stopping I found this: The bead had parted company with the sidewall, and the inner tube was herniating out in a ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How to put a tube in a used tubeless tire

I switched to tubeless tires about a year ago and I love them. A couple months ago I had a problem with the back tire and had to pull it off the rim for the first time. There were literally hundreds ...
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Is there any reason to carry 700cx23-32mm inner tubes as spares for 25mm tires?

If I know that when I need a spare inner tube, I'll need a 700c x 25mm inner tube, what would be the point of buying 700c x 23-32mm inner tubes? Related Pros and cons of using 20-25mm inner tube in a ...
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What is the best old tube plus current tube or current tire plus old tire combination if I want to puncture proof my bike or can I use three of them?

Am not a very big fan of carrying repair kit around. This is it, no room for surprises and mistakes, I repaired multi punctures before they happened. My front wheel had a new innertube already. But ...
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