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Rollers are an indoor training aid where you can ride your bike while standing still. Subset pf [trainer]

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How to use simulation mode in smart trainer? My roller is not simulating my routes

I have a smart indoor trainer, and I have set the map on my bike, Mount Element. Can you please tell me how to select or how to make the roller feel like you are actually riding a route? I don't know ...
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Bicycle chain roller diameter size chart?

I'm digging for a while now, and can not find any helpful chart for chain roller diameters e.g. Shimano 8,9,10,11,12 speed. It differs of course depending on the manufacturer and the purpose. We know ...
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Signs of wear on new rollers

I recently bough a set of tacx antares rollers. I have been using them for about two weeks and i just noticed some signs of wear on them. Is it expected? Is it something that i should be worried about?...
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Bike roller is causing deformed tyre?

I got a roller of the weekend (to be specific a Tacx Antares). After ridding it for less then 20 minutes my back tire looks like this. In other words there a lots of bulges. I tried deflating the tire ...
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What is the purpose of rollers

I have not ever done any bike specific indoor training other than a stationary bike. I have a rough idea what smart trainers do when it comes to simulating load and terrain. I am curious though what ...
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Minimum speed when riding rollers

I have a set of rollers and a single-speed road bike. My 80-90 rpm speed is 27-30 kph (17-19 mph). I feel like I would be more stable with higher rpm, but it's harder to sustain. If I understand this, ...
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Can I use a rim brake rear wheel in a disc brake bike, for indoor training?

I have a disc road bike (QR); I use it also with an indoor trainer with a specific training tire. I would like to buy a wheel to be used only on the trainer (with the specific tire). Since I don't ...
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Power output on rollers doesn't seem to match perceived effort

I have a Garmin Vector Power meter (one-side) and I use plain Tac-X rollers with no technical bits on them. My speed and power come from sensors on the bike. My power output seems low relative to my ...
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Do rollers ruin tires?

I started using aluminum rollers to ride indoors this winter and noticed streaks left on the tires. I've also seen tires specifically advertised for use with rollers. I'm wondering whether using ...
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Fluid trainer for an intermediate rider [closed]

Because of the Xmas sales some internet shops started making offers on roll trainers. My target area would be an intermediate machine, something that I would use an hour or so daily, with two-three ...
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Suggestions on learning to use Rollers [duplicate]

Last year I bought some Kreitler rollers and used them somewhat. The biggest problem I have is starting. I have 4.5-Inch Kreitler Alloy Rollers with Killer Headwind Fan Drums. Does anyone have a ...
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Bicycle trainer tyre - understanding the sizing

The weather where I live is very bad sometimes. I was thinking of buying either a magnetic or fluid trainer or rollers. I read that the tyres wear out quickly on those and one should use specific ...
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3 answers

How easy are Parabolic v. Standard Rollers to use?

I cycle a track bike and want to do some training over the winter. After a bit of research I've decided to go with rollers. I haven't used them before but I'm sure with a bit of perseverance I'll get ...
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Should I use a road bike or track bike on my rollers or trainer?

I have a road bike with a triple, a track bike with a high gear ratio. Which should I use on my trainer for use with training videos? Should I use a geared bike, freewheel single speed or fixed gear?...
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Rollers for long-wheelbase/mountain bikes

I was recently made aware of the idea of bike rollers. I do have an exercise bike, but this looks like it may be a much better bet because you get to practice your riding skills as well (and looks a ...
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How do I get started riding on rollers?

I want to train on rollers, and I figure once I get rolling it will be pretty easy, but how do I get my wheels turning fast enough to keep me upright before I fall over?
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How accurate are the power numbers from a Tacx Flow?

How accurate are the power numbers (watts) from a Tacx Flow? Multiple aspects : Absolute number : can they be compared with numbers from other power meters ? Relative : if ride two times at 200 W for ...
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What is this simulator like device called?

The following link: has a man limp to a bike (a Pinarello) leaning against a wall, climb on to it and ride the bike for a good minute to a minute and a half, ...
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Aluminium training rollers - seeking feedback on brands

we are looking to buy some new aluminium training rollers, but have no experience as to what brands deliver the best quality for the money. In mind are the CycleOps and JetBlack brands, both of whom ...
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What should I look for when buying rollers?

What should I look for when buying rollers? What sets more expensive models apart from their cheaper alternatives?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of turbo trainers and rollers?

In a previous question I asked what I need to know about turbo trainers, but several answers mentioned the use of rollers. What are the pros and cons of turbo trainers and rollers?
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What is a good way to learn how to ride a bike on rollers?

After seeing a few questions about rollers pop-up, such as this one, it has spiked my interest in these things again. So how do you learn how to ride on rollers? How long does it take you to get the ...
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How much do you need to concentrate when using rollers?

I'm consider getting bicycle rollers for use over winter, and I expect after the initial newness has worn off it might become boring. Can I realistically watch a DVD while using rollers? Or do they ...
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Should I buy a PVC or aluminum roller?

I'm currently trying to choose between the CycleOps PVC roller and the CycleOps Aluminum roller. How big of a difference is there between them? I don't really care about riding the roller outdoors, so ...
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