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The saddle part of a bike is designed to support most but not all of the rider's weight. The saddle's nose also assists in balancing and steering.

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3 bolt exercise bike saddle adapter in the UK

The saddle currently fitted to my exercise bike is attached to a fixed plate with 3 bolts on it, I can't find any adapters to fit more traditional saddles (rails/posts) that are available in the UK. ...
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upgrade traditional saddle clamp (not seat tube clamp)?

I'm currently restoring my folding bike and it has a large diameter (34 mm/1.34 in) seatpost that tapers to the standard 22 mm/0.87 in diameter at the end. The bike currently uses that traditional ...
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Saddle adjustment

I was given a used specialized rock hopper last year but the seat angle is too high in the front. I've loosened the hex sockets beneath the saddle to adjust the angle but it always screws back in the ...
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What is the appropriate torque for a single bolt saddle clamp

I had to adjust my saddle position and was unsure how tight the saddle clamp should be attached to the tube. Some numbers (22-24?) are engraved on the clamp (first image), but I'm not sure if they ...
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Plastic Seat for Vintage Kids Tricycle

Anybody can tell me where to find this type of plastic seat? It sits directly on the tube, and holds on with a bolt on the middle. Thanks.
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