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Riding safely, safety equipment, and safe places to ride.

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Did this part come from my bicycle?

I was working on my bicycle, a 2021 Domane SL5, and laid it on the ground. When I picked it up, I saw a small metal ring on the ground underneath. I don’t know for certain if the metal piece came off ...
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Is a chin strap with a cup safer than an under-chin strap?

Many helmets have chin straps to hold them on. One design uses a split chin-strap, where the strap splits into two forming a cup shape, one going just below the lower lip and one under the chin. In ...
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Void in carbon frame seat tube, is it dangerous?

While assembling a carbon bike, I found this void in its seat tube. It's about 1/2 inch X 1/4 inch in size and I'm guessing almost a third to half the depth of the tube wall. Since it's right next ...
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Does a standard exist for race boundaries?

I'm a bit puzzled at what happened at the end of Stage 11 at the 2020 Tour de France (on Wednesday 9 September 2020). For the record, I'm not defending Peter Sagan. His leaning is aggressive. I'm also ...
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Groups overtaking groups: how to communicate for safety?

I have just been back from a biking vacation with another fellow cyclist, and we have met a lot of other cyclists: from the most serious ones to those taking the bike once every eon. When we had to ...
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Should every cyclist feel a resonance frequency at a given speed?

On a stand When I hoist the bike on a stand and spin the rear wheel with all I've got on the highest gear, then sit back and watch it slow down gradually, there is a point where the bike + stand start ...
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Dent in Lower Aluminum Frame Of Cannondale Cyclocross

Recently purchased this bike second hand. How concerned should I be of this dent? It’s about midway down the lower frame.
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