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Questions tagged [seatpost]

Questions referring to the part of a bike that extends upward from the seat tube on the frame to the saddle.

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Mechanically limiting dropper post return travel

My daughter has a new MTB with a dropper post. It has 150mm travel, and is fully inserted up to the post collar into the frame. When it fully returns to its raised position it's about 32mm too high, ...
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How to tighten security screw with H pattern on bike seat?

My bike seat has a bolt connecting it to the seatpost, which has come loose. The bolt on the underside of the seat is standard and can be turned with a hex wrench, but it's connected to what I believe ...
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Need help understanding the components of a carbon fiber seat tube to properly unseize it

I recently picked up my first carbon fiber bike which has a carbon fiber seat post that seized to the frame due to rust. I did not initially think that was possible but after looking at it, I believe ...
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3 bolt exercise bike saddle adapter in the UK

The saddle currently fitted to my exercise bike is attached to a fixed plate with 3 bolts on it, I can't find any adapters to fit more traditional saddles (rails/posts) that are available in the UK. ...
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upgrade traditional saddle clamp (not seat tube clamp)?

I'm currently restoring my folding bike and it has a large diameter (34 mm/1.34 in) seatpost that tapers to the standard 22 mm/0.87 in diameter at the end. The bike currently uses that traditional ...
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How to mount dropper post to Scott Scale without removing BB?

Do you know an easy way to install a dropper to Scott Scale 920 without removing bottom bracket? The frame looks like this: And the ...
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Specialized Roubaix Seat Post Rubber Seal Loose

On my Specialized Roubaix Comp, the rubber seal where the seat post enters the frame works loose and slides up the seat post a little. The seat post itself is not loose and stays put, the issue is ...
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Thudbuster ST versus Gel-Padded Saddle

I just upgraded from a hybrid to a gravel bicycle (Fuji Jari 2.3). My hybrid (a 2000 Giant Cyprus) had a hydraulic suspension seat post and a generously-padded comfort gel saddle. I have a weakened ...
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Carbon integrated seatpost small dent

I have a Ridley Noah frame that has a really small dent in the integrated seatpost, the dent itself does not seem to be caused by an object hitting it. It looks like it has been caused by hanging it ...
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Any 36.4mm Dropper Seatposts?

I've a diameter of 36.4mm, are there any dropper seat posts that make the size diameter for my bike?
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Carbon seatpost stuck due to damaged grub screw

I have an Orbea Orca 2024 with Di2 and the grub screw for adjusting seat height has potential thread damage and it won't come out. The bike mechanic explained that the reason the grub screw went so ...
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Giant Revolt 1 2022 seatpost replacement

I am looking to get Giant Revolt 1. I saw there is a possibility of replacing seatpost to 30.9. I saw there is a shim on the front to tighten the seatposst. How does it work when you insert 30.9 ...
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