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A bike-share system's website told me: "The subscriber is valid but the account is disabled." Why? (It turns out that my credit card had expired.)

I'm a member of Bike Share Toronto. This is one of various bicycle-sharing systems in various countries which use PBSC Urban Solutions as their technology provider. I went to the Bike Share Toronto ...
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Where can I return a Gobee bike in Paris?

The Terms and Conditions says that bikes cannot be used for trips outside France in section 3.a.iii but also mentions "areas listed as sanctuarized (crosshatched)" ("zones répertoriées comme ...
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We offer our riders shared helmets. What sanitizing spray or barrier product can we provide alongside the helmets?

We are lucky enough to have four shared bikes at work, which are available for any employee to ride. Due to New Zealand's compulsory helmet laws, we must provide some shared helmets. Some people don'...
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What do I need to do to get bike sharing costs included as part of my commuter benefits (USA)

This might be more of a discussion for politically informed people. Does anyone here know who I should contact or if there is already some groups working on this? I'd love to be able to write off my ...
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How can I reduce back pain on a shared bike with poor shock absorbers

I ride a bicycle to work every day for several months now. I use a bicycle sharing system that my city offers, and it's very convenient: I don't have to worry about locking the bike or maintenance, I ...
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Is there an (un)official rule about twisting back a seat on broken bike for CitiBike or other shared bike programs?

"don't pick a bike if its seat is twisted around backwards. That's a sign that a previous rider found the bike busted." -(from SamtheBrand's answer to How to choose the right Citi Bike? ) Can someone ...
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Can I attach a trailer to a Bixi bicycle?

Do the bikes used by the Bixi bike sharing system, in cities like London, Boston and New York, accept trailers like Trail-a-bikes and Tag-a-longs?
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How do the pricing structures of various bike sharing schemes compare? [closed]

Many major cities now have bike sharing schemes, and each seems to have its own system of rates, designed to encourage shorter rides and quick returns; but it's hard to compare them. Is there a ...
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How to attach maps, etc to handlebars of a Boris Bike? (London bike hire scheme)

How can I attach maps (or any routing tool) to the handlebars of one of the Boris Bikes (i.e. the 'rental' bikes in the Barclay's Bike Hire Scheme) in London? I tried cobbling something together: ...
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Do any bike sharing schemes provide a way to rent or share helmets along with the bikes?

Do any bike sharing schemes provide a way to rent or share helmets along with the bikes, either in a kiosk or through an arrangement with local businesses? None of the schemes that I've used (London, ...
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What is a “Boris bike”?

They are black and blue, are not light, however what is one? Have you had any experience of using one?
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Bike sharing services and systems

What are some bike sharing services out there? I know that there have been some in Europe. Here's wikipedia's entry. This is one that I heard of recently in NYC.