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25.4-27.2mm seat post shim on a seat tube with 26.8mm inner diameter

From where I live (Philippines) , there seems to be no stock for 26.8mm seat posts. All other sizes are available except for 26.8mm; they don't even sell shims for that size. Currently I am forced to ...
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11-speed cassette, freehub and wheel compatibility

I have two wheels and two 11 speeds cassettes. With one combination of cassettes and wheels, shifting is reliable. With the other combination, the position of the cassette relative to the derailleur ...
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Shimano MF-Z012 5 Speed Freewheel Shims

So after 35 years I have removed the Shimano freewheel from my original Puch racer, stripped and cleaned it and put it back together withoit losing any bearings. Phew. It was very gunged up. But ...
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Reducer for 1" fork and 1 1/8" stem

So I have a steel road bike which orignially had a 1" threaded fork. I replaced it for a ahead fork and have been using this with a 1" Ahead stem without issues. The stem was just a temporary ...
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A shim between bottom headset cup and bearing

I ended up in a situation in which my new fork with an integrated crown race imposes lower headset bearing (1.5" 45deg) stack restriction, i.e. I need an additional 1.5mm of bearing height so the fork ...
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Will 0.5mm gap/play in a seatpost shim work without cracking the seatpost tube?

I have a Day 6 ebike; it's a large frame--the Samson model. The seat post (the frame member) is 31.4325mm or 1.2375 inches (I.D.) at the clamp collar. The seatpost (the seat support post) is likewise ...
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Steerer tube shims for quill stem?

My current stem is 25.4 mm in diameter. It's way too low and long. It's a threaded fork. I have a nice quill stem adaptor that's 22.2 in diameter that would be nice to use. Are there any shims to ...
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