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Why do most road bike sizes use the same wheel size?

I don't understand why virtually all road bike sizes use the same wheel size. To give an example, the Pinarello Dogma F12 comes in 13 different sizes, and, as one may guess, the smallest is ...
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2 answers

How to determine tire size when the sidewall label is unreadable?

I have a women's Mongoose hybrid bike that is older. The tires are dry rotted and I can't read the tire size info. How do I determine what size replacements to buy?
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What wheels would fit my bike?

I have a specialized pitch, unsure of the year, and my rear wheel was stolen. I have the front wheel which had the marking "ETRTO 584x25c" on it What does this mean and what sizes of wheels would ...
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Inner tube size

I'm really confused what inner tube size I need to buy for the tyres I have. Is anyone able to help me understand what is written on the tyre and what to look for? 40/100-622 33b moped m/c
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