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Are wheels designed for a maximum disc/rotor size?

I'm looking at some new wheels which Shimano describe as "140 mm disc brake rotor compatible". Does this mean they can't handle larger 160mm rotors? If not, why would they make this point, ...
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What are the axle nut sizes on the brompton?

What are the exact specifications of the nuts used on the various axles of the Brompton bicycle? Specifically, I have a 2016 M6R black, but I would appreciate it if you listed the specifications for ...
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Getting the correct road bike size, moving from MTB

Currently I have a Large Stumpjumper 2021 29er. The size was advised by the shop I purchased it from. It was OK at first but I ended up having a bike fit to adjust a few things (slightly longer stem ...
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Old French Road Bike - Chain Size

I dusted off an old steel frame french road bike (circa 1980) and have been enjoying the summer riding so far. Unfortunately I managed to snap the chain on it. No big deal, put a measuring caliper on ...
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Would too small of a mountain bike frame cause lower back pain?

I'm just under 6' 2" and recently got a Large transition patrol. I'm right on the cusp of needing an XL frame. Anyway, I had a Large patrol before and am noticing now as I did then that my lower back ...
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Sizing a hybrid bike

I'm 180cm tall, with a bicycle inseam of 81cm (without shoes) and a wingspan of 190cm. I'm looking at the Cannondale Bad Boy 1 2019 hybrid bike which you can see the geometry for here. Based on my ...
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Restoring a 1954 Taylor tricycle

I am searching to replace the front tire. It has a Swan tire, but the size is more important. Measures 12 x 1.75 Pliable enough to remount on rim
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Should I get a downhill bike a little bit smaller size?

My question would be is if I should buy a YT Tues CF 27.5 2017, size M when my height is 181cm, and the bike's chart goes up to 178 cm. And it is used by the way.
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MTB size for a tall guy

I'm out looking for a new full suspension XC bike. I've had an Epic 3-4 years ago. I've had a little break until now. Normally I would choose a size XL any day, but I've seen some pro's sizing down. ...
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