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Questions tagged [small]

This is for anything relating to people who are below-median height or weight.

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7 votes
4 answers

Bike measurements for a short stubby guy

I have short legs and a 27 inch/68.5cm inseam. I am 5'6"/1.68 m tall, and I am looking to get back into exercising. I was wondering what bike measurements for a road bike I would be looking for ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Best integrated road shifter/brake levers for people with small hands?

I’ve seen this subject raised a lot on various forums but with no definitive answer. Lots of opinions but no hard data. My questions are: Is there a measure of lever suitability for small hands? (...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do you tune a suspension air shock on a bike for light riders like me?

I recently got a new bike from Dicks Sporting Goods. I am pretty light and the suspension doesn't even go down. I want mine to be bouncier so this is why I am posting this question.
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3 votes
2 answers

City bikes-- frame sizing for smaller cyclists

I'm a 5'1" woman looking to purchase a classic bike for transport/leisure. Unfortunately here in the London and in neighbouring cities/countries, I can only find 17"+ frames available. Most sizing ...
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2 answers

Frame size is smaller than recommended

I'm 191 cm tall and I want to buy UPTEN ZERO, the problem is the biggest frame size is "L" and is adapted for (173cm - 185cm) only, my question is it ok to ride a small bike? dose it effects me or ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Mountain bike sizing for a short female

This is similar to this question on frame size, however that is addressing it from a road bike standpoint. My wife is 4' 9", and I am interested in getting her a mountain bike, as she has expressed ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Finding the right size bicycle

I am 4'10" and about 300lbs. I would love to start bicycling around the countryside for pleasure and low level exercise. But my tummy gets in the way and it hurts to bend my knees at the top of the ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Childrens' bike if I want to put my feet down?

I am a very short adult (61 inches; 155cm), who has not been able to get the hang of sliding off the seat and back on at stops (especially on hills). I really just want to be able to stop and touch ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I change a 26" to a 24" tire on a Huntington Schinn Women's tire?

I recently purchase a Huntington Cruiser by Schwinn. The standard tires are 26". I am new to cycling and am having a hard time finding information regarding tires and frames. I would like to change ...
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