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Questions tagged [software]

Cycling specific software – use this tag for both mobile apps and desktop software.

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25 votes
4 answers

What characterizes a future-proof ebike drive system?

Ebikes had their origins in modular drive systems that were assembled by enthusiasts and specialty companies choosing their own motors, batteries, battery controllers, motor controllers, and displays. ...
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41 votes
14 answers

Bicycling apps for Android [closed]

I have an Android smartphone, with GPS, accelerometer, 3G internet connection, and other features that seem useful for bicycling. Are there any good bicycling apps on Android? One app per answer ...
5 votes
10 answers

What map / navigation / bike direction apps are available for the iphone for commuting / urban cycling

I'm switching from an android phone to an iphone soon. I use the google maps bike directions all the time to figure out how to get to friend's houses, restaurants, bars and navigating around a new ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Post race analysis of performance

So I did my first bicycle race this weekend. The watts graph was very varied, there was a lot of low watt (150-200w) and short bursts of +400w. I would like to know how many bursts there where, and ...
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2 answers

Is there an easy to use app for tracking my cycling performance? (iOS or Android) [closed]

I'm looking for an app similar to the Nike+ app but for cycling. I'm mostly concerned with distance, calories and average speed. Elevation tracking would be awesome. Does your recommendation pair with ...
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