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3 answers

Why so few mountain bikers with spandex?

I've never had clothing that was specialized for cycling, so I'm kinda n00b in that area. I am confused about the use of spandex. It's very common among roadies, for obvious reasons. It's more ...
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2 answers

Tights, Shorts, and Padding

I have a pair of the MEC Roubaix tights, and noticed they don't have any padding. Not a big deal for short rides, but... Are you supposed to wear [spandex] shorts (with padding) underneath? I went ...
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8 votes
6 answers

Should I feel self-conscious wearing cycling shorts to school? [closed]

I cycle to school and intend to wear my new Lycra shorts for my commute as they are much more comfortable. But I want to know if I will look dumb wearing the tight shorts, as my legs are only average ...
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Why should I wear bicycle clothes made of spandex?

What's the reason for wearing biking clothes made of Spandex (Lycra)? They sure look pretty strange.
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