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A sprocket or sprocket-wheel is a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain. Bicyclists normally call the front sprocket attached to the cranks the "chainwheel" and the rear sprockets either "sprocket" or "cassette."

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Bicycle chain roller diameter size chart?

I'm digging for a while now, and can not find any helpful chart for chain roller diameters e.g. Shimano 8,9,10,11,12 speed. It differs of course depending on the manufacturer and the purpose. We know ...
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Can i use claris R2000 rd on 14-34T mega range sprocket?

I have sprocket 14-34T with mega range. I planned to change my old (maybe 1990's) shimano tourney rd to shimano claris R2000 medium cage. Some of my local bike shop said that i can replace with claris ...
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JC Higgins Super Deluxe history?

JC Higgins History Question. After my Mom passed I picked up her JC Higgins Super Deluxe. I have little history on the bicycle. I have a serial number and Model number from the plate. Model 505 276 ...
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What might be causing the faulty shifting on my bike?

I bought a used bike that has 8 speed cogs and 3 speed chainrings. The front shifts great but the back regularly fails on the 6th and 5th speeds. I know a bit about adjusting the shifters so I can say ...
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