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Silverback Bottom Bracket Replacement

I have removed the bottom bracket from my bike as it was very wobbly. I am trying to teach myself about these things and I am making progress however the bottom bracket looks weird. Granted I have not ...
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Square-taper crank wobble/movement in only one spot

For square-taper aluminum cranks: When my drive-side crank is in the 12:00/highest position and the non-drive side in the 6:00/lowest position, there is slight play between both cranks (it rotates ...
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2 answers

Non-drive side crank arm rubbing chainstay, can I file it down?

What you're looking at is a Non-drive side crank making contact with the chainstay. Drive-side has plenty of clearance. Components involved: Cranks: LDC 155mm square taper BB: 108mm Box One Ti. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Understanding Shimano UN55 spindle dimensions

A long time ago, I found a document or a forum post that gave me the information I require. However, I can't find it now so I hope one of you knows the answer. Take the normal bottom bracket, BB-UN55, ...
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2 answers

Shimano pre-greased crank: where to spread the grease?

The Shimano Altus FC-M311 crank comes pre-greased with four generous drops of grease on one side of the crank's thread (the yellow circles in the image), but it's unclear where it should be used: on ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Replace an FSA Powerdrive Bottom Bracket and Crankset with Square Tapered

I have 2012/2013 (alleged) Kona Ute. I need to replace a the crank arm due to stripped pedal thread. It currently has an FSA Powerdrive 118mm/68mm Bottom Bracket. I am not 100% certain but I believe ...
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1 answer

Why does the 'try other positions on your square taper spindle' trick work in reducing chainring wobble?

Example here: Does this mean that there is a manufacturing defect in the spindle/BB/crank? Or damage? Or is it just the nature of these things that there will be one ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Square Taper BB Upgrade as Part of Groupset Upgrade

I want to upgrade my bikes groupset to a Shimano 105. I currently have a "sealed cartridge, square taper, steel spindle, steel cups" bottom bracket. Will this be an issue upgrading to a new ...
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4 answers

Drive side part of bottom bracket is impossible to remove and has destroyed tool fitting

So my old cartridge bottom bracket is about fall apart and i bought a UN55 to replace it. The plastic non-drive side was very easy to remove, but the drive side is literally impossible. I let it soak ...
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1 answer

What types of BB-axle to crankarms interfaces are there?

On the lowest end, we have the taper/square interface. I believe it is standard i.e. there are no variations in the sizes. image property of VP Components USA Then there is the Octalink. Actually ...
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