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What are examples of low- or no-cost laws that favor cyclists? What U.S. state has implemented the most laws?

There are a lot of parts of bicycle advocacy that cost money. Bikeways. Separated traffic signals. Parking facilities. I'm not here to talk about any of those. I'm thinking more today about state ...
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Is there publicly available data on riders' critical and maximum power?

I am doing some statistical research about bicycles and riders. Now I need the peak power or max power and critical power of riders (professional or non-professional). But it seems really hard to get. ...
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What proportion of adults in Britain can ride a bike? [closed]

I'm guessing it's a very high proportion, but has someone got a reliable statistic for this?
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When carrying a lock on body, which statistical data and experiences to consider re: safety concerns

With a custom-built bike in somewhat higher price regions, I now ended up with a high-security u-lock, which is also very heavy-weight. I also own a heavy-weight chain lock. For several reasons and ...
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Is there any available Strava statistics regarding rider's distance compared to others' per year? [closed]

I'm writing an application and would like to know how my logged 22.000 km during 2017 stand compared to all Swedish Strava users.
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Where can I find statistics on the growth of US & worldwide bicycle use and business?

I'm having trouble finding up-to-date information on the growth of cycling in the US and across the globe. How rapidly is the cycling industry growing? In what country is cycling growing fastest? Is ...
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