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The stem is the part of the bicycle that secures the handlebars to the fork.

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Deterrents against partial (component) theft

Big question: Is there any way to increase the security of bolted on portions of a bicycle? Specifics: I cycle as my primary mode of transport (in East London) on a early 90s steel road bike with ...
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Are stem height extenders safe to use?

I was trying to determine the longest length I can safely cut my steer tube, then I learned about stem extenders. I have to wonder, if you cut your steer tube to the maximum recommended length for ...
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PRO LT Handlebar Stem asks to tighten top handlebar screws first before bottom screws? Conflicting manual instructions?

I bought this PRO (Shimano) LT handlebar stem. However, I'm having difficulty decoding the instructions in which to tighten the handlebar clamps. The stem itself has this piece of cardboard in between ...
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Attaching a stem to a carbon steerer: how much torque?

So I decided to travel with my bike this week and to my surprise discovered that the steerer is carbon fiber. I had removed the stem from the steerer for packing but naively assumed it was aluminum ...
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Should I be able to 'manually' rotate the headset?

When I wrap my fingers around my roadie's headset, I'm able to 'rotate' some parts of it freely around. Should this be happening? If it should not be happening, what is causing this and is it ...
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Dropped the Wedge of a quill stem in the head tube

Trying to remove a seized quill stem and did a beginner's mistake of removing the stem bolt. I could not thread back the bolt. Is there a better way to thread back the bolt to the wedge for me to ...
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The stem connects the handlebars to the...?

If this is a stem... ... what's this? I'm asking because I need to buy a taller one so I don't have to bend over as far. It's not convenient to buy a new bike, and I already have an adjustable stem ...
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Is reversing the stem (pointing it backwards) a safe way to reduce reach length?

Assuming a steerer/fork/brake/cable setup that does not rely on the stem facing forward: is it safe to point a stem backwards as a way to reduce seat-to-bar reach (i.e. as a way to 'fit' a too-large ...
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What effect does changing the stem length have on my bikes handling

I'm finding that when jumping my mountain bike seems to be very nose heavy no matter how far back my saddle is. What effect will moving to a shorter stem length have? My bike, a Boardman FS-PRO came ...
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Is it possible to compensate a short sized frame by adjusting seatpost and stem?

Could you achieve the same position you would have on a bigger frame by raising seatpost and stem? And how could I adjust those to "simulate" a bigger sized frame?
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How do you make the handlebar stem straight?

I adjusted my stem height the other day, and since then, the stem hasn't felt straight. I've attempted to straighten it a few times, but because I'm just eyeballing it, the handlebars don't quite seem ...
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Clarification on the steerer tube torque of the stem bolts

On my stem a label says "All max. 8 Nm" next to the handlebar clamp bolts. This is the only labeling: On the internet I found other values ranging from 20 - 30 or even 10 - 30. Refer to: This ...
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Tightening steerer expander/compressor and spacer positions with a carbon fork

I had ugly clicking noises coming from the headset before and after a warranty exchange of a fork (the reason for the exchange was on the other end). I have identified the clicking as coming from the ...
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Handlebar stem : height vs length

I want to decrease the reach of my handlebars. Does it matter whether I increase the height or get a stem with a smaller length(extension?) on my bike? And is there any way to calculate the relation ...
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Is it possible to replace a 1 1/8 steering tube with a 1"?

I have a 94 Giant ATX. Threaded 1 inch steeering tube. I need a shorter stem, and would also like to install a suspension fork. Is it doable? Could I take a modern suspension fork, heat the crown, ...
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How can I move the handlebars on a mountain bike close to the rider without affecting handling and control?

I recently finished building up a mountain bike, with the help of a friend. My initial rides - a few miles, nothing too extensive yet - revealed that I need to move the handlebars a bit up and back ...
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Zero-gap stem (FSA Afterburner) inverted installation

My question is somewhat related to this one. I apologize in advance for such a long question! And thanks to everyone who manages to get to the end. I've bought an FSA Afterburner 12° stem. On the ...
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Adjustable stem issue

Hello I have a quill adjustable stem on a Raleigh Royale. (The bike is an absolute dream to ride, wonderful seat and great gearing) My issue is that the handlebars wobble, both front and back and side ...
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What fork size is 32mm (inside diameter on the frame) considered?

Good day, I'm new to the whole bike building process, but I've finally decided to make the step and build a semi-nice bike. I've bought a really nice aluminium frame 2nd hand, but its sizing has me ...
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Bike fit: Adjusting stem angle vs. height

I'm playing with my fit a bit as I have gotten much more flexible since I had a bike fit 2 years ago (+1 to stretching and foam rolling.) As I'm experimenting with drop I am wondering if it makes ...
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How to adjust the handlebar alignment with front wheel?

I have the follwing stem My handlebar is a bit too much right and I am not sure what screw(s) I have to loosen the one on top (in the headset) or the two left on the picture above or maybe all of ...
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Stem diameter question

Changing to an adjustable Ritchey stem on my Trek 7.3. My bars are 25.4 and the stem I'm looking at is stated to be for 25.8-26. With this being half a millimetre bigger, will it still fit ok? Many ...
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