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Questions tagged [stem]

The stem is the part of the bicycle that secures the handlebars to the fork.

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Does anyone know the manufacturer of bicycle parts with this logo?

I would like to know the manufacturer of parts with the logo shown. It's on a threadless stem, the stem is on a Specialized MTB from around 2001. The logo is engraved into the metal (not a decal) on ...
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Adjustable Andros-like stem for 31.8 handlebar

I have used the Tern Andros stem system and got one with it well. Recently I acquired a Riese and Muller folding bike, which has an adjustment system which (for me) is less comfortable. It puts the ...
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Can a 2cm lower ETT and 3cm lower stack make a big difference

I have recently been testing two mountain bikes: one with a 44cm (~17.5") frame, which I bought second-hand and one with a 45.7cm frame (~18"), which I bought new but want to return it as I ...
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Unable to inflate tire

In the picture, the valve stem seems loose and I am able to pull it. The air pump hose does not stay attached to the valve stem when I try to inflate it. In fact, pumping air seems very easy so air is ...
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What Dahon adjustable handlebar stem would suit my Dahon MU XL Sport Bike

I own Dahon Mu xL Sport foldable bike and use it for exercise. I have a back problem and would like to fit a Dahon adjustable stem to keep my riding position more upright. I have tried adjusting the ...
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How many degrees does the stem of a Canyon integrated cockpit rise?

I am plotting a Canyon Ultimate bike on BikeCad, but I can't find how many degrees the stem rises. The stem is part of the Canyon H36 integrated cockpit. In general, manifacturers of integrated-stem ...
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