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Shimano's brand of electric bike powertrain.

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Can I turn the light of my ebike permanently on in the shimano etube project settings?

The little button on my headunit SC-E6010 broke while light was switched off. Now lights are off. I know that once they are on, and you turn the bike off and back on, light will be on again. So if I ...
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Shimano Steps 6100 loses power assist climbing hills

Having problems with bike losing power going up hill - 4 of last 5 rides. About 400 miles on bike (BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport). Have several 40+ mile rides with 4,000' of elev, so it works. Now I'...
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Shimano Steps E600 trip meter

Help please - I don't know how to enter settings on my Shimano Steps E600 cycle computer or how to reset trip meter after journey.
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Shimano STePS Di2 Shifting with Alfine 11 - will it be ever automatic?

The Shimano STePS with Di2 and Alfine 8 received a firmware update this year, which enabled automatic shifting (it was not automatic before). Does anybody know if Alfine 11 models will receive any ...
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