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2 answers

rear derailleur stuck on first gear after changing rear tire

I am a cycling newbie. My bike has 18 speeds with two chainrings in front and nine in back. I just did my first rear tire replacement. Most of that went well, however when I took it out for a short ...
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How do i remove a stripped crank?

I found an old abandoned 1999 diamondback outlook that im trying to repair. The crank is bent as well as the front chainring. I bought a universal crank remover from Parktool. I unscrewed and removed ...
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4 answers

How do I unstuck this seat post? Materials unknown

I have a road bike and the seat post needs some height adjustments but for the love of me I can't get it unstuck. I have tried heating it a bit, I have tried bending it open as well as adding some ...
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Aluminum seatpost broken into a steel frame

Similar to Aluminum seatpost stuck to a steel frame but worse, since the seatpost is broken exactly at the end of the seat tube. Image below. Below is a suggested fix using a quill stem as a "...
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