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Carbon seatpost stuck due to damaged grub screw

I have an Orbea Orca 2024 with Di2 and the grub screw for adjusting seat height has potential thread damage and it won't come out. The bike mechanic explained that the reason the grub screw went so ...
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My shifters are stuck in the negatives

So I recently bought my first bike. It worked great until winter hit. The gears stopped working and my girlfriend (who bikes way more that I do) said they so that when it gets really cold sometimes ...
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how to avoid 14mm hex tool getting stuck in the fastening bolt when installing crank?

As I am trying to install the eewings mountain crank as per the instructions, and fasten the bolt to 52nm, the 14mm hex tool gets stuck in the fastening bolt when I apply pressure. I am afraid to ...
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rear derailleur stuck on first gear after changing rear tire

I am a cycling newbie. My bike has 18 speeds with two chainrings in front and nine in back. I just did my first rear tire replacement. Most of that went well, however when I took it out for a short ...
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How do i remove a stripped crank?

I found an old abandoned 1999 diamondback outlook that im trying to repair. The crank is bent as well as the front chainring. I bought a universal crank remover from Parktool. I unscrewed and removed ...
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How do I unstuck this seat post? Materials unknown

I have a road bike and the seat post needs some height adjustments but for the love of me I can't get it unstuck. I have tried heating it a bit, I have tried bending it open as well as adding some ...
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Aluminum seatpost broken into a steel frame

Similar to Aluminum seatpost stuck to a steel frame but worse, since the seatpost is broken exactly at the end of the seat tube. Image below. Below is a suggested fix using a quill stem as a "...
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