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Can I get a bright rear light using AA batteries, or is there a compelling reason why nonreplaceable batteries are so widespread?

The short version: I like the convenience and the ecology of using rechargeable AA/AAA batteries in a rear light. Yet the rear lights using AA batteries I see on the market have puny power. Does ...
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1 answer

Dynamo Lighting Systems

I'm thinking about ways to put a tail light on my trailer (a B.o.B Yak). Our primary use for the trailer is carrying dogs and running errands around town – so I really like the idea of having lights ...
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Trailer Lighting Using a Dynamo Hub [closed]

I have a B.o.B. Yak trailer which uses a ISO 305 mm BSD rim. I'd like to build up a wheel for the trailer using a dynamo hub (perhaps a Sanyo H27) so that I could have lights on the trailer. I know I ...
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