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Questions tagged [technique]

How to improve your cycling form -- whether you want to pedal with less pain or become more aerodynamic. Can also be used for mountain biking or BMX techniques such as hopping or jumping.

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keep going off-axis on big jumps i don't know how to stop it?

I've been riding for about 5-6 years, and can speed through tech, can do hips, speed-jumps 5-8 meters... but every time theres a jump with a steep lip, or involves me going quite high, i keep coming ...
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Pedal Stroke Analysis on a BikeErg

Hello I'm in the market for an indoor bike and am considering the BikeErg. I'd like to know if there is a way I can do pedal stroke analysis like that offered by the Wattbike (https://support.wattbike....
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Lowrider style bent forks techniques

Would a 24 inch bent fork fit on a 20 inch frame? Is there even a 24 inch fork? Would a 26 inch fit? Also if it doesn't fit in could I just add to the 20 inch - would you be able to extend it making ...
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What could be causing pain in right hip?

I'm a new cyclist in my 40s, used rental bikes for the past year before buying a second hand drop bar bike with flat pedals 4 months ago. I've been riding it about 3 times a week since and have slowly ...
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