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Tektro is a manufacturer of brakes and related accessories.

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Replacing Tektro MD-M280

I have a Lectric 2.0 ST ebike and it seems it is hard to find a good replacement for its Tektro MD-M280 calipers. I was wondering if the Tektro MD-C550 could be better as this model is dual piston but ...
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TEKTRO Road Bike Mechanical Disc Brakes MD-C550 Pads

About TEKTRO Road Bike Mechanical Disc Brakes MD-C550 pads I search the internet for replacement and all results shows the model: E10.11 and in the compatibility chart it does not for the MD-C550 ...
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Improving braking performance of long reach Tektro R559 calipers?

I've been gradually restoring an old Fuji 3-speed, and I'm looking to improve the braking performance. Right now, if I have any speed at all, I feel like I can barely get enough braking power to come ...
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Tektro hydraulic disc brakes chatter under load

I bought a second-hand bike in good condition, however the hydraulic brakes chatter under braking load. Check it out: It's a Kona Splice with ...
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Hydraulic Disc Brakes still Spongy after bleeding?

I have Tektro HD-M276 Hydraulic Brakes that were recently spongy (front brake). After bleeding the system and topping the fluid off, the bite was much firmer, but when I test rode it, the braking ...
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After bleeding Tektro Draco one of the screws on the reservoir tank is leaking

I recently bled my Tektro Draco 2 because it had become too spongy. Unfortunately, out of stupidity, I first opened one of the screws on the reservoir cap instead of the vent screw. It has been ...
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Repair Tektro HD-M275 brake lever

My girlfriend's son recently acquired a pre-owned Scott Aspect 760 for Christmas (2021 model) - essentially brand-new and ridden once or twice, if at all. We noticed the other day that something ...
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Can I use Shimano B03S brake pads on my Tektro HD M285 Braking system?

Can I use Shimano B03S brake pads on my Tektro HD M285 Braking system ?
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Anyone know what a replacement Disc pads might be for Tektro HD-R290?

The brake pads say F10BS but they've been really hard to find (and unavailable on Tektro site). Does Shimano (or anyone else) offer a resin version of this brake pad as this one is metal-ceramic?
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Hydraulic brake bleed fail - try again or replace?

I bled and completely replaced the fluid on a set of Tektro Orion hydraulic brakes, using Shimano mineral oil. Before bleeding, one worked a little bit, and the other didn't at all. In my impression,...
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How to clean brake pads properly to stop squeal?

I bought a new MTB recently that came with TEKTRO HD-275 hydraulic disk brakes, after two weeks it has started to squeal, then I clean both front and back pads with Isopropyl alcohol and 120 sandpaper,...
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Big vibration with Tektro Auriga brakes

About a year ago I swapped the v-brakes with a Tektro Auriga kit. I immediately made a mistake by not properly bedding in rotors and pads, doing "powerful" brakes, sudden stopping of the ...
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Tektro HD-M290, change to a dropbar lever configuration. Which levers are compatible?

I want to change my cowboy flat handlebar to a drop bar. I have Tektro HD-M290 brakes and I'm searching for a compatible model of drop bar levers. The bicycle has automatic speeds, so I just need ...
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