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Best type of bike lock (materials, style, etc.)

I recently lost the keys to my lock and had to borrow a bolt cutter to free my bike. It was a bit of an eye opener to realise a) just how easy it was for the bolt cutters to cut through my D Lock (<...
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Theft deterrents (in addition to locking up a bike)

Besides locking a bike up properly, are there other deterrents against theft (such as engraving) that make a bicycle less attractive to a potential bike thief? UPDATE It was stolen. :-(
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Evidence on "Uglify Your Bike: Effective Theft Deterrent?"

Does anyone have any evidence that uglyfying does or does not work as a theft deterrent? It doesn't have to be scientific: even anecdotal evidence helps (and maybe well-founded opinions)? This ...
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Deterrents against partial (component) theft

Big question: Is there any way to increase the security of bolted on portions of a bicycle? Specifics: I cycle as my primary mode of transport (in East London) on a early 90s steel road bike with ...
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Are bicycle registration websites any use for recovering stolen bikes?

Ther are quite a few bicycle registration websites aimed to help you recover your bike if it is stolen, such as Bike Shepherd, Bike Register and MyBikeNumber. I'm curious if these sites are of any use....
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Protecting bike attachments such as lights against theft

I was wondering what one could do to keep his bike attachments from being stolen. On Monday two lights were stolen off of my bike. I only had them for a day. It was the kind that has a rubber "strap" ...
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Why (and how) would someone steal only my innertube?

Upon my return from winter holidays, I found that someone had stolen the rear innertube from my locked bike. They took only the innertube: the rear wheel was still there, the chain correctly attached, ...
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Are public bicycle rack providers liable if your bicycle is stolen from their rack?

My bicycle was insured and locked to a leisure centre provided bicycle rack while I was in the leisure centre and was stolen by the time I came out. I was later informed that someone else had their ...
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How did my stolen carbon frame bike get from D.C. to Guatamala?

My bike was stolen from the downtown DC on nov 11 2017. It was locked and was stolen in the middle of the day. I had put a bluetooth device, more specifically Tile in the seat post of the bike. I ...
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How to handle an attempted bike theft [closed]

TLDR; I chased down a bike thief and caught her. Turns out she's a juvenile. She claims she mistook the bike for her own. The police say if we press charges, nothing will likely come of it because it'...
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Does the National Bike Registry work?

The National Bike Registry is an nationwide registry of bikes with identifying information (serial numbers, make/model, owner information) in the US that is intended to help identify stolen or ...
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Lock for extremely frequent use

Are there lock products out there specifically designed for easy handling when locked unlocked dozens of times a day? I'm using a normal, chain-based lock at the moment and I'm annoyed because I'm ...
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Usage experience with anti-theft GPS trackers

Does anybody have any actual experience with anti-theft GPS trackers like BikeSpy? Their website looks terribly unprofessional and there are only very few testimonies online, but the idea is ...
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Are there electronic/active theft deterrents for bicycles?

In addition to mechanical/passive deterrents (locks, chains, etc.), what electronic/active bicycle theft deterrents exist? * My dear bicycle was stolen two weeks ago and I then vowed to dedicate my ...
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Help identifying frame number

On my new bike I can see two numbers stamped into the frame - one seven digits long and one eight digits long. There's also a serial number on a tag. I'm attempting to register the Bike with the UK ...
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Help please - I am suspicious this bike might be stolen

I recently got this Btwin Triban 3 bike from a person I definitely trust. He said they have had it for a couple of years but don't use it anymore and originally got it from a family member a while ago....
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Whole Bicycle Rack Easily Removed! Is the provider liable?

The story is - Parked and locked the bicycle at a seemingly secure parking-rack provided by a supermarket. I soon discovered that someone had locked my bicycle (and their own) to the rack. Returning a ...
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Why would anyone steal a bike computer off of a bike?

Lights can be re-used easily, but a bike computer... they would need to setup their own rigging for the wires and the magnets, that alone would cost them money and time, and who's going to buy from ...
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