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What is the difference between Shimano SM-BBR60 and Shimano BB-MT501

Are these 2 bottom brackets compatible? Is one 'better' than the other? Is one more durable than the other, more efficient than the other? I would guess that the BB-MT501 is meant for dirtier ...
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Are 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket left side cups identical?

My MTB has a 73mm bottom bracket shell but it had 68mm BB installed. I found and purchased a Shimano BB-ES300 73mm BB but unfortunately I had to break apart its plastic cup (left side) since I ...
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FSA Mega Exo 24 threaded shell BB turns free when off the bike, but turns rough and gritty once installed

My FSA Mega Exo BB is about 2 years old and came on the bike when I bought it new. The right-side bearing is fine. However, the left-side bearing is gritty and resistant when installed in the frame, ...
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Heavy corrosion of the bottom bracket shell, but rest of the frame is fine

I have a Btwin MyBike cycle, which is now 8 years old. The frame is an steel alloy. I want to replace the bottom bracket, chrank shafts & chain ring. The BB was very difficult to remove, used a ...
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2018 Diamondback bottom bracket size

Does anyone know what size a 2018 Diamondback Line bottom bracket is?
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Another very stuck bottom-bracket – non-standard size (37 mm flats)

my name is Alex and I’m new here. I’m a bit of an amateur but I’ve decided to attempt the modernization of an old French Liberia racer from 1978. The aim is to create a bike I can use as a daily ...
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Shimano BB: add grease over threadlock?

The dealer manual for the Shimano BBR60 bottom bracket says to grease the threads of the cups before inserting. But I noticed that the threads have some kind of grey threadlock compound applied to ...
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0 answers

Request for clarification of bottom bracket threading

I know that bottom brackets have a left-hand thread on the right side, and a right-hand thread on the left side. But I fail to understand why. I would have thought it should be the other way round, to ...
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Crankset specs for 2013 gt backwoods sport

I have a 2013-2014 GT Backwoods sport 27.5 bike that needs a crankset replacement. I removed today the crankset and see that the crankset has splines that seem to match the splines that are part of ...
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2 answers

Threadlock for Bottom bracket on Titanium Frame?

I'm looking into installing a bottom bracket for my titanium bike frame. The bottom bracket that I purchased (SHIMANO ULTEGRA Threaded Bottom Bracket 68/70 mm shell width) seems to have some kind of ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Broken plastic HollowTech II BB spacers, why?

Yesterday I was installing a BB-MT501 HollowTech II bottom bracket into my ~2006 Trek 520 frame. This frame has a 68mm BB shell. I was following the directions on Shimano's website: https://si.shimano....
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Play in Quarq power meter on a Trek emonda

I am currently installing a Quarq d four power meter on my ‘22 Trek emonda and have been having some issues. I purchased the sram dub t47 85.5 wide bottom bracket to work with the new crankset. The bb ...
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2 answers

Removing a 1970s Schwinn Bottom Bracket

I am restoring a 1970 Schwinn Suburban and I am at a loss when it comes to removing this bottom bracket. The crank arms do not come off normally (no way to use a crank puller) and they won’t unscrew. ...
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Stripped threads on the bottom bracket

I have a new to me, old to the world Bianchi road bike. When inspecting it and taking it apart the bottom bracket threads are stripped out for 1-2 cm deep. This lead to the sealed cartridge unit not ...
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Bottom bracket for 1991 raleigh classic man

Got a Raleigh classic man from a scrap shop. Decided to give it a life. The frame is in good condition and managed to get bearing hubs for front and rear wheels. I was wondering what would size and ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What's causing the clicking on my ProWheel MPX 11 crankset?

New fatbikes have a ProWheel MPX 11 crankset 1x (hollowtech ii compatible set) and I get moderate clicking from mine, oddly, to my mind, not just when under power, but with less vigorous spindle ...
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3 votes
2 answers

I crossthreaded the bike frame using force on the BB. Can still be saved?

I have a MTB, with "normal" square taper BB, and a 3 chainring crankset from Shimano. After some problems with my pedals, I managed to destroy the fillet on the crank arms too and in the end ...
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4 answers

Drive side part of bottom bracket is impossible to remove and has destroyed tool fitting

So my old cartridge bottom bracket is about fall apart and i bought a UN55 to replace it. The plastic non-drive side was very easy to remove, but the drive side is literally impossible. I let it soak ...
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