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Preparation/training for a 6-hour time-trial

I'm a relatively fit hobby cyclist and want to set myself a challenge for (mid) 2024, competing in a 6-hour TT challenge. It's a relatively flat to moderately hilly 18 km loop (1% average gradient, ...
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What are the geometric differences between a bicycle with aerobars (aka tribars) set up for touring (or long-distance) and one set up for speed?

I would like to ask some questions about aerobars, also known as tribars. I've seen them used on bicycles meant for very different purposes. In theory, the very low, horizontal, position is ideal for ...
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Kask Bambino Pro Evo [closed]

I am interested in testing Kask Bambino Pro Evo helmet for my next Triathlon race and I was wondering if someone had used this before and might wanna share some info on it. Maybe a comparison between ...
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Which type of course is the fastest for a 10 km TT? A completely flat course or a course with 5 km uphill and 5 km downhill?

There are two types of courses that I am considering for a 10 km trial: Completely flat. 5 km out and 5 km back. 5 km uphill at a grade of 1%, and 5 km downhill on a grade of 1%. Assuming you start ...
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Why do base kilometers help with time trials?

Question: If I want to maintain some objective measure of improvement by keeping track of the time it takes me to do a 40-km round-trip, why is it important to not do a time trial every time (riding ...
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Jan Ullrich's TT bike in la Vuelta 1999: why the bigger rear wheel?

What was the thinking behind having a bigger rear wheel on a TT bike back then?
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HELP!! What is this bike frame?

Hello all, I've won this triathlon frame on Ebay for £150 but have yet to pay. Apparently Vision have never made frames and deal only in components (according to their customer service). Is this some ...
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Heart rate during a ~1 hour individual time trial? [closed]

I'm wondering about heart rate data during a flat(-ish) Individual time trial that takes a bit below 1 hour to complete at elite level, like the typical ITTs in TdF. I know HR alone is far from the ...
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Will 11 speed 55-42T Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 crankset will be compatible with an 8 speed 11-28T cassette and shifter?

Will a Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 55-42T crankset be compatible with my current Shimano 8 speed 11-28T cassette? The purpose of this change is for Time Trialling.
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Why are road bikes (not time trial bikes) used in many triathlons?

I've been watching triathlon videos lately and I couldn't help but notice that, with the exception of Ironman Competitions, only road bikes and not time trial bikes are being used. Is there any reason ...
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2 answers

Why is a TT national champion not allowed to wear his jersey in TTT

According this source, Wout Van Aert is not allowed to wear his new TT belgian champion jersey in TTT of the tour the france. I can remember days where this was allowed. Why and when did this change? ...
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7 votes
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Would like to identify a late 80s/early 90s lo-pro bicycle's manufacturer and tube type

I just purchased this bike locally in Southern California and thought it would be straightforward to identify but I've asked around and no one seems to know. The specs are: Lugged steel (fork crown ...
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Time trial carbon frame scratches. Should I concern?

While cleaning my time trial bike I've noticed many scratches in the frame. See pictures below. My tire pressure is usually around 100 psi, depending on the weather conditions or circuit. My wheels ...
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Time trial racing is superior to road racing, because it is more honest [closed]

Is TT racing is a more honest form of racing? Road bike races are just a bunch of guys all crowded together trying to hide from the air behind the guy in front of them. Not showing honest speeds I ...
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