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Those hard plastic or metal lever tools used to get tires/tyres on and off the rim of a wheel.

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how to avoid damaging inner tube when putting them in

Sometimes when I change the inner tube due to a flat on my road bike I find that I may have damaged the tube due to tire levers hitting it. Any tips to avoid this? How about pumping in more air into ...
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How to install brand new clincher tires on triban wheel

I ride a Triban RC120 disc, stock wheels (tubeless ready) and tires. Had a flat before but, at some cost, managed to put the original tire (700x28c) back in, after replacing inner tube. I bought a ...
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Is it more difficult to mount non-tubeless tires on tubeless-ready rims than non-tubeless-ready rims?

In the summer I bought an e-road-bike that has tubeless-ready rims. I wanted to change the tires to better ones, so I bought a pair of Continental GP 5000 (non-tubeless) 28mm tires, and installed them ...
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Misplaced tyre lever - alternatives?

I misplaced my tire lever and it's very hard to change the tube of my mountain bike without a tire lever. I'm looking for alternatives if a tire lever is not available. What I've found so far are: ...
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What's the purpose of this part of Topeak Hexus II multitool?

What is the purpose of this part of my Topeak Hexus II tool? I can't find anything in the manual.
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Can Lezyne Stainless-12 chain tool handle be used as tire lever?

This really makes me curious, Lezyne Stainless-20 has a separate tool -- tire lever (however I don't see clearly on pictures how it looks like). The specification of Stainless-12 does not list tire ...
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What's the best technique for removing a tyre from the rim?

This question talks about fitting a tyre back onto a rim, but I'd like to know how to get the tyre off in the first place. Especially if the tyre is very tight, or the dip in the middle of the rim ...
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Metal vs. plastic tire levers

What are the advantages of buying plastic over metal tire levers? (or vice versa). Which ones are easier to use?
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