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Touring usually means very long multi-day (or multi-week) rides carrying a lot of gear (camping, cooking, clothes, etc) on the bike. Can also apply to unloaded/creditcard touring involving using hotels/motels instead of camping.

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Burley trailer hitch noise

We tow a Burley Nomad trailer behind our tandem. Love the trailer, but the hitch rattles and makes enough noise to be annoying. Grease or chain lube quiets it temporarily, but not for long. Does ...
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mixed MTB/road bike for touring: uncleanliness of a Frankenstein setup

It appears that there are similar threads, so I'll reformulate it with more specific questions and taking the cue from comments. I am assembling my brand-new touring bike on a LHT frame, and I'd ...
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Motobecane Sprint Retro Fixie

Question for rebicycling a Motobecane Sprint Blue. I have a desire to rebicycle this Motobecane Sprint into a semi retro style with the orginal theme. In short i would like to purchase the same ...
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MTB front and rear shimano derailleur: which shifters for drop bars?

I would like to convert flat bars of my MTB (old one: ATX 770 Giant, 7 speeds cassette with Deore DX derailleur and 3 chainrings crankset with probably DX as well) to drop bars, for touring purposes (...
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Help with Trek Mountain Bike to Touring Bike Conversion

Besides riding bikes since I was a kid, I'm a newbie when it comes to the mechanics of a bike. Hoping to convert a Trek Mountain Bike (that was given to me) to a bike that I can use for long distance ...
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magazines/webpages about city/commuting/folding bicycles

In any shop you can find magazines about sport road or MTB, same about webpages or forums. However, I find really difficult to find good pages about bicycles focused in daily mobility/transportation. ...
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Are there safari cycling experiences in South Africa?

I am looking for first hand experience with cycling among wildlife. Preferably in South Africa but answers from anywhere in Africa would be suitable too. Is it even possible?
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Can I use mtb rigid fork in touring frame?

I am looking to change my fork because of some issue(broken). My problem is my headtube is the standard ec34, which is why I can't use tapered fork. So, I am looking at some mtb rigid fork, which have ...
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Riding Loveland Pass, Colorado

I'll soon be attempting Loveland Pass west of Denver unsupported and would like to hear of any experiences and/or recommendations from others who have done it or another high mountain pass in the ...
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