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Questions tagged [training]

How to train for cycling rides or specific events. Can include questions about equipment and may involve aspects of exercise science. If the question involves power measurement, please also add the Power tag.

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Golden Cheetah - Speed and cadence values keep dropping every few seconds

I'm trying to use Golden Cheetah to record my indoor riding data this winter, and I'm having an issue trying to get the sensors to read consistent data. Every few seconds it will show the correct ...
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How long does it take living at altitude to fully adapt?

I recently moved from about sea level to about 5000 feet (1500 meters). I've read VO2 max goes down something like 2% or 3% for every 1000 feet of elevation gain, and my personal experience seems to ...
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Determine Heartrate Zones with Sport Watches

I have read that the usual way to determine the maximum Heart Rate is to do a lactat test or so. Is it possible to determine Heart Rate Ranges with a watch only? I have read about the Ownzone ...
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