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Are there safari cycling experiences in South Africa?

I am looking for first hand experience with cycling among wildlife. Preferably in South Africa but answers from anywhere in Africa would be suitable too. Is it even possible?
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Packaging up and sending a bike from UK to Europe

I need to send my gravel bike (~11 kg) one way from the UK to Switzerland in a few weeks. As I am going by Eurostar part of the way, I was intending on using their Eurodespatch service, but this has ...
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What is the longest off-road portion of the East Coast Greenway as of 2018?

The East Coast Greenway nominally stretches from Maine to Florida. But a lot of it has yet to be built. That means a lot of the route is actually still on-road cycling. What is the current longest ...
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Bike bag options for commuting to and from Airport

I've got a quick trip later in the year to Italy and I'm considering biking on my full sized road bike to/from the airport at both ends of the trip. I'll have my trusty Chrome Industries Rolltop 37 ...
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Can I use Cube Analog 29" as touring bike?

I don't know if there is an excellent place for asking this kind of questions or not, but please help me, I need professional people's help. I know many people who ride their mountain bicycles as a ...
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Website with bicycle only paths in Europe?

Does anyone know of a website that has a map of bicycle paths in Europe that are bike/walkers only, i.e. no cars?
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Help for a 169 mile bike ride

I am not a pro and I have never taken a long bike trip before, but I think I am up to it. The trip is not going to be one-go. I'll stop for rest. I am thinking that if I do 10 miles a day, I should be ...
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Traveling road bikes that disassemble

I did a ride with a guy who had a bike like this It was a regular road bike (Allow) that you could disassemble and fit in a case slightly larger than the ...
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What are the advantages of a custom frame for a touring bike?

I'm building a new bike for touring while traveling, so I want a break-apart frame with S&S couplers, like the Salsa Vaya Travel, or another steel touring frame retro fit with couplers. I want a ...
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What are some good trail foods for long rides in mountainous terrain?

I'm going to be heading out to Durango in a couple weeks to ride and race and I could use some suggestions for good foods/snacks to take with when riding for 3-4 hours on singletrack trails. I'll be ...
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How to find track/Keirin races when travelling?

I'm going to be in Japan for a few weeks in January and was wondering if there are any Keirin races I might be able to attend. Do they run year round? How would I go about finding a schedule?
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Amateur Bicycle Racing outside of the US

I'm interested in taking a trip to Europe (although perhaps this question can apply to other areas of the world) and do some bike racing at a really amateur level like the equivalent of Cat 4 or Cat 3 ...
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Outstanding Organized Rides

As an annual rite, I typically ride in one or more organized centuries and other organized rides. All of those rides usually have a name that exemplify the ride in some way. For example "The Chilly ...