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How long can I leave tubular glue to dry on carbon rims?

I have some Continental Sprinter tubular tyres to glue onto some carbon rims. I have bought Continental carbon rim cement and the tyres have been stretching at 140 psi on the rims for a few days (>...
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Tubular glue remover for CARBON

Trying to find a tubular glue remover that won't eat carbon. Acetone is a no (unless very dilute??) and apparently so is the top brand that claims to be carbon safe (see picture). Any ideas?
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I need 27 x 1 1/4" sew up tires

What is the new teminology for 27" x 1 1/4" sew ups? There are so many new sizes. It seem like 32-630 would be right, but I can't find any that arn't clinchers. I need new sew ups for my ...
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How do tubular sizing standards actually work?

Clincher sizing standards use the diameter of the bead and bead seat along with rules for where to measure and the dimensional profile of the bead and bead seat. Tubulars don't have beads or bead ...
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How can I clean these wheels?

These are my old vintage bike rims. How can I clean them?
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How do I get/check if carbon wheels are tubeless compatible

I have fake Zipp 404 and Continental GP4000 SII tubular on it. It is time to change it. The question is how do I know if this wheels a) without removing b) with removing tubeless compatible or not?
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Does my rear tubular tire need to be replaced?

Does my rear tubular tire need to be replaced? It still holds air but I am concerned about my ride safety
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tubular tire replacement

So two days ago I bought this Peugeot vintage bike (from the '80s) and it has tubular tires on it that aren't usable anymore. Is it possible to install a normal tire on the same rim instead? I'm a ...
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Can I use a Tubular tyre in a Clincher rim?

Just tried it - my trekking clincher rim was too deep, so have to use 4 layers of tape to keep side out of rim, but then tubular started to travel forward even during slow acceleration. Would you try ...
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