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Questions referring to the Union Cycliste Internationale, the governing body for sports cycling

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Illegal water bottles in actual competition

I've read that UCI regulates the dimensions of water bottles to stop riders from adding aerodynamic bits of plastic and calling them "water bottles". What sort of "water bottles" ...
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Are internally-geared hubs UCI legal?

Are internally-geared hubs UCI legal? I am assuming no one would ever use one for a race since durability and reliability matter less in a pro race than weight and efficiency, but I am also assuming ...
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Does a standard exist for race boundaries?

I'm a bit puzzled at what happened at the end of Stage 11 at the 2020 Tour de France (on Wednesday 9 September 2020). For the record, I'm not defending Peter Sagan. His leaning is aggressive. I'm also ...
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What's the idea behind the no-feeding-in-the-last-20-km rule?

I'm trying to understand the reasoning behind the no-feeding in the last 20 km rule. In the Tour de France 2020 Julian Alaphilippe lost his lead due to an infraction of this rule. Might it be: The ...
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Examples of disc brakes causing injury in pro races

Before disc brakes became UCI legal there was a lot of people arguing that they were more dangerous than standard v brakes in bunch races. Often it was highlighted that a very hot spinning metal disc ...
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What are UCI categories for cyclocross events?

Having more than 10 years of MTB experience, I want to try my first CX race. However when I google for CX events in my country, the results contain some scary codenames called UCI C1 and UCI C2. In ...
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UCI rules on allowed brakes?

I'm considering buying a TriRig Omega X braking system front & rear for a bike I intend to use in UCI events. I can't find the right document on their respective website, so I'm asking here hoping ...
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Why are recumbent bicycles and velomobiles illegal in UCI bicycle racing?

As stated in the title. However, the "superman" position is also illegal, and the question applies to that as well. Motor racing will often lean on safety to explain why there are so many limitations ...
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Why does the Tour de France have a minimum weight limit on the bicycles?

Why does the TdF have a minimum bicycle weight of 6.8kg? Does it act like the F-1 limit on engine specifications in an attempt to reduce the role of technology and cost expenditures? If this a UCI ...
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Validity of UCI motor concerns

In the wake of the seemingly renewed post-race examinations for 'mechanical doping' by the UCI, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the motors in question (like the Vivax Assist - thanks, ...
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What are criteria for a team to get UCI World Tour license for the next season?

I do not know much about this question, the only thing I have heard is that commentator on Eurosport mentioned a few times that UCI points one rider obtains are counted for the team which signed him ...
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In what sense are UCI Pro teams 'national' teams?

This page on wikipedia lists the UCI Pro teams and has a column listing their Country. It is sourced from this page on the UCI official site. What significance does this hold? Clearly each team doesn'...
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