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How can I make my bike (and myself) visible at night?

By winter I will be commuting on my bike at night. How can I make my bike as visible as possible to all car drivers?
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How can I be visible in the dark when I'm signalling a turn?

My bike and I are fairly visible at night--white light in front, red light in the back, bright yellow fenders, reflective tabs and a light on my helmet. I use hand signals to alert motorists when I'm ...
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Safety vests: Yellow vs. Orange?

What are the factors that should affect whether my visibility will be higher with a "high visibility Yellow" vs. a "high visibility Orange" vest or jacket? It seems too simplistic to simply say "...
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Where to mount a headlight if the handlebar is obscured by a basket

I have a permanently mounted basket in front of the handlebars (because I have a child seat on the rack in the back). I also have a headlight on the handlebars (this one, if anyone cares). If the ...
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Is turning head to look backwards while riding a bike a safe and recommended technique?

I currently have two problems with this: While looking backwards, I do not see where I am going. It is difficult to maintain perfectly the same direction while turning around. Probably both problems ...
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Should I get a reflective jacket/coat, or more lighting and reflective strips for the bike?

What with daylight saving time ending and it now being pitch black by the time I finish work, I'm not exactly trusting of just a couple small lights on my bike being enough to make me visible to ...
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5 answers

How can I make myself and bike more visible during the day?

How can I make myself more visible during the day? Maybe something to put on my helmet (so it's easy to remember).
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6 answers

When riding with a single pannier, does it matter which side it's on?

I read somewhere that when riding with a single pannier, the pannier should be mounted on the left side (traffic side in the US). However, the article didn't give a reason behind that. It's been quite ...
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3 answers

How can I prevent glasses fogging when cycling in the cold with face covered

Related to this question: need cycling eyewear, but fogging is a big problem but that is more focused on the eyewear itself, whereas I'm interested in the face covering material. I cycle to and from ...
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Reflective tape for polyester rain jacket

I have a GORE rain jacket that's 100% polyester, and black. I'm looking around at different options for reflective tape and stickers to brighten it up a bit. I think going with stickers are probably ...
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2 answers

Safety vest: is an all-reflective one fine?

I stumbled across a question on whether yellow or orange safety vests were better for visibility, and it got me wondering - I have a vest that consists only of the silvery reflective fabric (and it ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Does a highly visible frame colour improve safety significantly?

Studies have shown that wearing hi-viz colours, particularly on moving extremities such as one's feet, coupled with hi-viz helmets and cycling shirts, increases the chance of been seen by a driver ...
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2 answers

Is a headlight required to emit light to the sides?

The California Vehicle Code says: (d) A bicycle operated during darkness upon a highway, a sidewalk where bicycle operation is not prohibited by the local jurisdiction, or a bikeway, as defined ...
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What's a safer alternative to a flag for marking special bikes?

Every year I marshal a family ride organized by my local cycling campaign. As it's targeted at people who don't cycle long distances, the main job of the marshals is to offer help to people with ...
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Screwing reflectors to pedals - what washers do I need, and where?

I have Shimano M324 pedals on my bike, and I decided to buy the optional reflectors (Shimano Y41B98010). They arrived with no fitting instructions. There are 4 reflectors, each with 2 threaded "...
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2 answers

Are there recumbent-specific pedals with reflectors on the top and bottom instead of front and back?

At least in Germany, amber reflectors on bicycle pedals are a legally required. All my recumbents have them, but neither of these reflectors is any useful, because they usually point upwards or ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Conceptual: Bike Lights built into Grips

I am a design student and avid cyclist and am currently working on a design project for school. I had an idea for locking handlebar grips that have LED lights built into them. If you can picture MTB ...
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Are reflectors mandatory by the UK highway code?

I bought a set of mudguards recently, the rear one attaches onto the seat post. I have a red reflector that also attached onto the seatpost, so if I have both the seat has to be too high and only my ...
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COB type "be-seen" lights powered from external pack (USB or 12v ebike power)

this question is about the many small and light usb-rechargeable COB "wide strip" type lights which have a day-flash mode, for all-round DRL type visibility in bright sunlight. I've ...
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What is the status of brake lights? seems like a decent idea? inadequate solutions? [duplicate]

I'm familiar with bicycle brake lights but not sure why they aren't more common? What is the public perception, if any? Or not the public but more serious cyclists like we find here? There are a ...
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How should I configure my tail-lights?

I currently own a Cygolite Hotshot which I use with a rack mount in flashing mode. I also have a PDW The red planet which I keep on steady burn. I wanted something brighter than TRP so I ordered a ...
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Any research (or reliable statistics) on benefits of making yourself more visible (blinking light even in daytime, bright colors)?

Someone just posted this on our local cycling list serv. It's about Motion Induced Blindness. Their point was that fixing your gaze on something on the dashboard can blind you to things that are ...
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Any thoughts on spoke lights? [closed]

I was considering getting some spoke lights to increase visibility at night, and although there are a number of options they all seems to have a relatively low battery life, or get bad reviews. Here ...
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Lighted ankle straps

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a recent study that concluded that motion-based lighting is the most effective technique for drawing motorists' attention. I believe the recommended ...
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Bright Bike DIY Kits [closed]

I've seen Bright Bike DIY kits suggested as a great way to make yourself visible at night - does anyone know where these can be bought in the UK? Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks
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