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A decline with use over time. (not clothes)

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How to tell when to replace cassette?

How do you tell when it's time to replace a cassette? Are there any specific wear patterns on the teeth to watch for or symptoms specific to a worn-out cassette?
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24 votes
7 answers

Does this chainring need to be replaced?

Here is a closeup of my triple: All three rings are Shimano Ultegra and have never been changed. They probably have at least 12000+ km on them. I've been pretty good about changing the chain ...
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18 votes
2 answers

ParkTool CC-2 chain checker incorrect readings

My bike is equipped with Shimano Ultegra CN-HG701-11 chain. After only 600 km I measured it with ParkTool CC-2 and it gives 0.75% wear. ParkTool says For 11 and 12-speed chain, replace at or just ...
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14 votes
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Do I need to change my cassette if I can't see any wear?

I bought a new road bike with Campag Athena 11 speed in March last year. To the end of Jan it had covered 9000km. In all that time I hadn't changed the chain because I don't have the Campag tool, and ...
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Shimano Deore front derailleur occasionally sticking

I have a question about my front derailleur sticking occasionally. I've had this bike for a 1.7 years and have ridden it through 2 winters. It has only been after this last winter that my front ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What are the most common causes for hysteresis in the rear derailler?

I have often seen derailleurs on cheap MTBs to degrade in performance by showing hysteresis. By that I mean that to switch to a certain cog, one needs to shift one cog further and then immediately one ...
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3 answers

(V-)Brake pad lifespan

Just for the record, my rims are brand new (~800 km) and clean. I have a set of KoolStop salmon brake pads (actually 2 sets, .... well, front and rear). I installed them ~600 km ago and I already had ...
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2 answers

Rear Cassette worn + needs replacing - what other components to replace?

I have picked up a bike (Specialized Allez) recently that has a very worn cassette from not replacing the chain for an extended period of time. Therefore am looking to change it. I was wondering what ...
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32 votes
7 answers

What is best for your brakes when stopping at the bottom of the hill?

You are at the top of a hill and want to stop at the bottom. What is best for your brakes so you don't wear them down: brake continuously; or brake when you reach the bottom?
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7 votes
1 answer

How exactly does cross-chaining accelerate wear?

I've heard all over that cross-chaining "wears your drivetrain out faster". I must admit I'm not 100% convinced that this is true, because I can't see a scientific basis for it. Could I get an ...
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2 answers

Help with cassette, worn or not?

I have done exactly 2879 km on my cassette, and currently I got myself a new chain which is a third for this cassette. With first chain I made 1985km, but I already noticed a significant degradation ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Is it normal to wear out the rear tire with in a few months when using a trainer?

Early this year I attached my bicycle to a trainer, around the December time frame of 2011. The rear tire and inner tuber where shot by March of 2012. Riding about 24 Miles per week. Is this normal ...
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2 answers

Does ProPedal on FOX RP2 rear shock wear out when on during downhill?

Yesterday I forgot to turn off ProPadal before quite nasty downhill ride on my Fox RP2 rear shock (riding Giant Reign 2011) - I can imagine this makes no real harm to the shock but think there can be ...
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1 answer

If chain/ BB/ casette are dead can chainrings and derailleurs still be OK?

I bought a brand new bike last May (2015 Brodie Elan) and proceeded to put 11,000km on it by November (cross Canada ride plus some commuting). Around the 11,000km mark I brought it back to the shop ...
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3 answers

How long can I safely use a chain for?

My chain is well over the 0.75% extension at which I would normally replace it. However, the cassette and chainrings are also old enough that a new chain would slip on them, so they would also need ...
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3 answers

I just replaced my cassette, do I need replace the 2 month old chain?

I replaced both my cassette and chain in July (2.5 months ago). For some reason my chain started skipping when I was in the smallest cog in back. I took it to a shop, they could not find anything ...
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